Massey Woodland Restoration


Massey Woodland is a four-hectare forest located in Massey Park nestled between the Spring Creek and Mimico Creek watersheds. This woodland is a critical component of the city’s natural heritage system, and provides a variety of benefits such as:

  • wildlife habitat
  • improved air quality
  • energy conservation
  • reduced noise pollution
  • stormwater reduction
  • physical and psychological well-being
  • increased property values

The Massey Woodland is essential to the current and future health of Brampton and its residents. Unfortunately, like most urban forests, Massey Woodland faces a number of stressors, including:

  • fragmentation
  • invasive species
  • litter and garbage dumping
  • vandalism
  • encroachment
  • understory removal
  • informal trails

Massey Woodland Management Plan

In an effort to revitalize this woodland, the City of Brampton is currently preparing a Massey Woodland Management Plan for Massey Park as part of a pilot project. The comprehensive plan will outline key management measures and lay out a roadmap that will ensure the long-term health and resilience of the Massey Woodland.

Get Involved!

Another key component of the pilot project is educating and engaging the local community in the stewardship of Massey Woodland. If you would like to contribute to restoring the Massey Woodland, consider becoming a Ma​ssey Woodland Champion. Participate in events such as invasive species removal, tree planting and garbage pick-up.

On October 14, 2017, the City of Brampton hosted a Massey Woodland Fall Celebration to inform the community about the efforts being undertaken to improve the health of the woodland, and how they can become stewards of this natural heritage feature.

Stay tuned for future events!