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The City of Brampton is committed to preserving the natural environment and cultural heritage. To assist in protecting environmentally sensitive lands, the City of Brampton has partnered with the Region of Peel in its Greenlands Securement Program.

The Program partners Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon with the Region, and their conservation partners (Credit Valley Conservation, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust and the Bruce Trail Conservancy). It dedicates staff and funding for municipalities or their partners to facilitate ‘interest’ in select landholdings that have been deemed ecologically important. ‘Interest’ can take the form of acquisition via purchase, conservation easements, and land donations. A complete overview of the Greenlands Securement Program is available on the Region of Peel’s website ​​​here.

Greenlands Securement in Brampton

Brampton, in conjunction with its partners identifies priority properties throughout the municipality. City staff work with the Region and its agents to make contact with landowners to explore potential land securement arrangements (See identified priority properties​).

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Greenlands Securement program, or wish to enquire about the potential of your property being considered under the program, ​please contact the Planning and Development Services Department here.​