​​​​Brampton is a Green City focused on creating more sustainable neighbourhoods to encourage a greener lifestyle for its residents, fight climate change, improve community health and well-being, and build a stronger local economy. One of the key programs in Brampton for greening existing neighbourhoods is the Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program (SNAP).

SNAP is an i​nnovative, collaborative model for sustainable urban renewal and climate action that focuses on the neighbourhood scale. Guided by a customized Action Plan for the selected neighbourhood, the program aligns municipal sustainability priorities with community n​eeds, identifies integrated retrofit solutions, and fosters partnerships between public agencies, community organizations, businesses, and residents. As a result, SNAPs help deliver program efficiencies, empower residents, and showcase innovation.​

Brampton currently has three SNAPs: County Court SNAP, Fletchers Creek SNAP, and Bramalea SNAP​.