Grow Green Eco Pledge

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As part of Brampton Grow Green, the City's environmental master plan, the Brampton Environment Advisory Committee (BEAC) wants you to take the Grow Green Eco Pledge.

What is it?

The Grow Green Eco Pledge program is about committing to simple, eco-friendly actions for a specific period of time. It’s fun and free – you might even save yourself some money along the way!

Just choose at least one action that you can commit to for the length of the challenge. Some actions are easy and others are more ambitious, so decide what works best for your lifestyle and interests.

How can I participate?

The Grow Green Eco Pledge runs from April to the end of September. Challenge your friends, family, classmates and coworkers.

These actions may seem small, but together, they make a difference in creating a healthy, resilient and environmentally sustainable future.

Thank you!

The 2017 Grow Green Eco Pledge program has come to an end. Thank you to the over 500 participants! We hope your pledge actions have turned into daily habits, and that you continue to explore ways to reduce your impact on our planet.

Have ideas for next year’s program? Let us know by tweeting to @BramGrowGreen and use #EcoPledge, or simply email us at

Stay tuned for Eco Pledge 2018!

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