Don't Be Trashy Campaign

Don't Be Trashy - Banner 

As part of our commitment to fostering a clean and green Brampton, and in response to growing concerns about the negative impact of litter on the health of humans, wildlife, and our natural environment, the City of Brampton launched the Don’t Be Trashy campaign.

This city-wide campaign, proudly sponsored by CN, commences in April 2019 in support of the City’s Spring Cleanup program and Earth Day, and run until the end of Fall Cleanup program in October. We all have a role to play in keeping our communities litter free. Watch for opportunities to get involved over the coming months!


MYTH: Littering creates jobs.

FACT: There is no City position that focuses solely on cleaning up litter. Litter cleanup is only done if and when time and resources permit. It uses taxpayer money that could be better spent on other more vital public services. The City has created the Community Cleanup program that encourages volunteers to undertake litter cleanups in their communities.

MYTH: Littering does not impact me or my neighbourhood.

FACT: Littering harms you, your family, your pets, your job, and your neighbourhood. It is a health and safety hazard to humans and animals. Littering also negatively impacts the image of Brampton, which can discourage economic development and businesses investments and can reduce property value. 

MYTH: My litter will decompose quickly and become part of the natural environment.

FACT: Litter lasts. To fully degrade, it can take banana or orange peels up to two years, 12 years for cigarette butts, 20 years for plastic bags, 30 years for a disposable coffee cup, and 450 years for plastic bottles. Products containing petrochemicals, including biodegradable plastics, never truly breakdown and remain in the environment as microplastics forever.