Advisory Task Force

Brampton City Council unanimously approved the Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan (CEERP) in September 2020.  One of the CEERP's key recommendations is the establishment of a Centre for Community Energy Transformation (CCET).  The City requires a community-based Advisory Task Force to provide strategic guidance to help transition the CCET from a conceptual framework to an established not-for-profit with an active governance body (Board) and strategic oversight (Executive Director). We are pleased that this team of community champions have come together to be principal advisors for the establishment of the CCET.​

David Laing​ (Chair)
David is a retired project manager, management consultant, and LEED® accredited professional. A long-time Brampton resident, David has been involved in many local environmental advocacy initiatives over the past decade aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change and improving Brampton’s environmental resiliency. He is an executive member of Sierra Club Ontario’s Peel Chapter, a David Suzuki Foundation Elder, a participant in the Brampton Environmental Alliance, and a member of Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s Joint Watershed Coalition. He is also the Chair of BikeBrampton, a local group advocating for safe and sustainable transportation choices in Brampton and Peel Region. In 2017, David led a BikeBrampton initiative, creating the Brampton Bike Hub to encourage Brampton residents to leave their cars at home and use bicycles for short distance journeys instead.
 Karly-Anna O'Brien (Vice Chair)
Karly-Anna is a proud Brampton resident with a passion for climate change and sustainability. She offers strong guidance in the non-profit sector, establishing governance, recruitment and retention strategies, and communication and marketing plans while serving on the Board of Directors for REST Centres. Her professional background has been rooted in procurement, supply and demand planning, and project management, focusing on process efficiency and transformation. She will link her experience in the non-profit sector with her industry expertise to help establish CCET as a sustainable, independent, and operational non-profit. Karly-Anna recently joined KPMG Canada as a Consultant within the Supply Chain practice. Passionate about driving effective and collaborative energy solutions, she is delighted to contribute to CCET’s vision for building a sustainable Brampton!

 Joan Berger
 Joan works at A Berger Precision Ltd, focusing her efforts on exploring future strategic markets for the company.  A Berger, a manufacturing company, is a family business, with a long history of investing in innovation to drive growth and technological advancements, spanning over six decades. Joan has always been passionate about challenging herself, and her role at A Berger presents an opportunity to do just that.  With an environmental lens, Joan is also proud to support the efforts behind working and living in a manner that respects the world we live in. Joan holds an MBA from McMaster University, and Hons. Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto. Perhaps her greatest recent achievement has been getting her two young daughters to still love school, despite the turmoil they face whilst online learning during the multiple pandemic waves in Toronto.
 Hassaan Khan
Hassaan, P.Eng., MBA, is the Area General Manager for the Performance Infrastructure business for Johnson Controls in Canada, which is primarily responsible for energy performance contracting endeavours. His 22-year career spans from business development through to General Management, with a focus on advocacy, promotion, and delivery of financial infrastructure solutions for achieving energy efficiency and carbon reduction in an economically sustainable manner. Hassaan’s recent activities include: active board member of ESAC (Energy Services Association of Canada), advisory committee member for the CIB’s (Canada Infrastructure Bank) Commercial Buildings Retrofits Initiative in the winter of 2020-20, and co-chair of the City of Brampton’s CEERP (Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan) steering committee. A resident of Brampton, Hassaan holds a Masters in Business Administration in Finance from the Schulich School of Business, York University and a Bachelors of Applied Science in Civil (Environmental) Engineering from the University of Toronto.
 Michael Frisnia
Michael is a Government Relations Specialist for Alectra Utilities Corp, Canada’s largest municipally owned electricity distributor. He leads Alectra’s communications with elected officials and municipal staff in Hamilton, Guelph, St. Catharines, Mississauga, and Brampton. He also leads Alectra’s advocacy efforts with the federal government. Prior to joining Alectra, Mike worked in policy roles for the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the President of the Treasury Board. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Political Science from McMaster University.


Shahid Naeem

Shahid is passionate about community energy transformation for achieving environmentally, and economically sustainable communities. Professionally, he has led the Peel District School Board, Canada's second largest school board, in achieving reductions of 10,000 metric tonnes CO2e / annum and $3.5 million/annum. Furthermore, he has led McMaster, one of Canada's most research-intensive universities, in the ranks of the most sustainability focused universities globally and the City of Burlington towards winning the Ontario Community Conservation Award. Shahid was Energy Engineer of the Year for Canada region in 2013. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Cornell University, a Master of Engineering from Western University, and is a Professional Engineer in Ontario.

 Divya Arora
Divya is a co-founder of a Peel Region based environmental not-for-profit, Community Climate Council, with a mission to empower our community to take local climate action. She is also currently a Master of Environmental Studies student, pursuing Sustainability Management at the University of Waterloo. Divya works part-time for the David Suzuki Foundation as an intern to mobilize youth climate action and engagement. During her spare time, Divya can be found adventuring outdoors with her pup, Max, and together they have hiked more than 100 trails in just Southern Ontario.

Chris Hamilton

Chris Hamilton is the Supervisor, Municipal Energy Solutions for Enbridge Gas and leads a small team of energy conscious consultants that help municipalities achieve their energy planning and climate change mitigation goals. They promote innovative low carbon solutions and leverages energy conservation programs; rewarding work that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Chris tries to marry his passion for the environment and keen interest in business; striving to help create implementable solutions.

Trevor Boston
Trevor Boston, M.Sc., P.Eng., is an Associate at Greenland International Consulting Ltd. with over 20 years of technical and project management experience in water and environmental engineering. He leads a software development team in developing and applying data-driven decision support systems to address cumulative environmental affects and watershed management issues. Trevor has been active with the City of Brampton as co-chair of the Brampton's Environment Advisory Committee (BEAC) during the 2014-2018 council term. More recently, he was a member of the Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Program Task Force.


Lauren Mulkerns

Lauren is the Environmental, Health and Safety Manager at Brampton Brick Limited, a manufacturer of concrete products and operator of the largest brick manufacturing facility in North America, located in Brampton. Lauren has a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and Biology, and completed her post graduate work in Environmental Control. Lauren's primary background is in environmental and regulatory management, focused on manufacturing efficiency and raw material sustainability. 







 Councillor Doug Whillans

Councillor Doug Whillans was born in Brampton and has proudly called this city his home for 60 years. Doug attended Humber College where he obtained a diploma in Horticulture.  His employment history consists of many successful years in both the private and public sector.  Doug was elected to Brampton City Council as City Councillor for Wards 2 and 6 in October 2014, re-elected to office in 2018. As the past Chair of the Brampton Clean City Committee and now as a member of Council, Doug continues his passion for preserving and protecting the natural environment. Brampton has some of the most beautiful parks and naturalized green spaces in Ontario and Doug is committed to maintaining these natural assets for future generations to enjoy.

Indra Maharjan

 Indra Maharjan, P.Eng., CEM, CMVP, delivers innovative infrastructure solutions to 200 plus municipal clients across Ontario.  He brings first-hand knowledge of the energy market, infrastructure needs, and opportunities and challenges of the municipal Water/Wastewate (W/WW) sector to develop and implement solutions with innovation, efficiency, and optimization in mind. He developed and implemented the first pay for performance energy incentive program in the W/WW sector and energy efficiency awareness training for W/WW operators with financial support from IESO. Indra has been a driving force behind developing and promoting co-digestion and Net Zero resource recovery initiatives in Ontario. Indra works closely with provincial and federal infrastructure funding agencies and has assisted municipalities secure more than $20M in funding for various energy audits, municipal energy and climate change plans and energy efficiency projects. He is an avid volunteer with industry associations such as CWWA, OWWA. WEAO, Ryerson Urban Water, OSPE, and PEO.



 Nathaniel Magder

 Nathaniel has over 7 years’ experience in advising on energy management and convening industry in the commercial and industrial sector. Nathaniel leads Partners in Project Green’s energy management consortium programs at Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, where he convenes industry and facilitates discussions among businesses across a variety of IC&I sectors on best practices in energy management and emissions reduction. In addition, Nathaniel is currently leading the development of a Regional Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy on behalf of the Peel Community Climate Change Partnership.




 David MacGillivray

 David is a manufacturing professional with a passion for Data Science and diverse career experience in manufacturing operations in aerospace and power generation equipment, quality engineering, and Project Management. David is currently the Continuous Improvement Manager at O-I Brampton. He has a Master’s degree in Manufacturing Systems and an Honors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. David lives and works in Brampton and is married with one daughter.


Leah Nacua
Leah,P.Eng., MBA, is a Field Service Advisor for Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium.  She has served as a volunteer at several non-profit organizations as a Consultant and as a Board Member.
Leah is also an active community volunteer, sharing administration duties for one of Brampton’s most engaged neighbourhood Facebook groups. She organizes the group's activities focused on community-building and environmental stewardship.
There are also three Subcommittees (Governance/Funding/Communications) consisting of dedicated volunteers working with the Advisory Task Force. Members include:
Alexander Adams
Aquin George
Davika Misir
Gamunu (George) Jayasinghe
Kanika Choudhary
Peter Basso
Shannon Goulden
Shamily Shanmuganathan
Simran Munde
Sumit Sood