Strategic Planning


Our city is growing and changing—economically and demographically every day—and we want to be purposeful and strategic in planning for our future.

Our Brampton 2040 Vision addresses these changes, provides us with guidance for long-term decision making and resource management, and will help us prepare for future challenges and opportunities. In response to the Brampton 2040 Vision—and to turn our aspirations into reality—we are developing a new Strategic Plan.

The Plan will chart our path forward, focus our efforts, communicate our progress, and measure our success. This critical document will provide structure to prioritize and deliver what is most important to the community. It will be a living plan that sets the context for the City’s budgets, master plans, projects, services, and resources.

Thank you for your Feedback!

We received resident feedback about the Focus Areas and Strategic Priorities through a survey from May 8 to May 19.

Thank you for your participation! Your feedback will help shape the final Strategic Plan.



Our Vision is the long-term goal for our city.

Learn about the 2040 Vision