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Brampton City Council approves new Animal Services By-Law

BRAMPTON, ON – Yesterday, Brampton City Council approved a new all-encompassing Animal Services By-Law that will introduce several changes.  

Implementing a new Animal Services By-Law will further the City’s ability to safeguard the community, including residents and animals, by utilizing the best practices in caring for and interacting with domestic pets and wildlife.  

Effective immediately, under the new Animal Services By-Law, the following changes will come into effect: 

Number of Animals  
  • A maximum of six animals are permitted per household, with no more than three dogs.  
Backyard Hens or Pigeons  
  • If you have more than two backyard hens or pigeons, you must have a licence.    
  • If you have two or less, then you must have the coop registered.  

Feeding Wildlife  
  • Feeding wildlife is prohibited in Brampton. Feeding wildlife makes them comfortable approaching and being around people.  

Control of Dogs While on Owner’s Property  
  • Animals on their property who are not leashed must be contained by an enclosure, fenced area or tether.  

Basic Standards of Care  
You must provide your pets with basic standards of care including:  
  • Food and water  
  • Shelter  
  • Medical care  
  • Space to naturally move or exercise  
  • Sanitary conditions  
  • Physical safety and general welfare  

Trap, Neuter, Release and Manage Program (TNRM)  
  • Volunteers participating in TRNM programs that reduce the community cat population will be recognized and supported in their goal of reducing or eliminating feral cat colonies. 

For more details on the new By-Law and Brampton Animal Services, please visit  


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