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Brampton’s City Hall Parking Garage now reopened; City Clerk’s Office, Service Brampton and Marriage Ceremonies return to City Hall

BRAMPTON, ON – The City Clerk’s Office, Service Brampton, and Marriage Ceremonies have returned to City Hall after being temporarily relocated to the West Tower during critical repairs of the City Hall parking garage. 

Some of the repairs included:
  • Replacing the waterproofing membrane above the garage roof slab, 
  • Replacing the asphalt in front of the loading dock and snow melting system for the ramp at the garage entrance,
  • Replacing the entire waterproofing/traffic topping system with new ultramodern materials, 
  • Repairing delaminated/deteriorated concrete for columns and walls,
  • Removing corrosion from existing railings in stairwell E and repainting the area, 
  • Replacing the garage elevator, and
  • Replacing existing railings in stairwell F. 

All services have returned to their original location as construction at the City Hall Parking Garage is now complete. City services can be found at: 
  • Marriage ceremonies: Lobby, City Hall 
  • Service Brampton: Lobby, City Hall 
  • City Clerk’s Office: Lobby, City Hall 
  • Business Licensing: Lobby, City Hall

An information booth is available in the City Hall lobby to direct visitors.

Service Brampton

Residents, businesses and visitors can conveniently contact Service Brampton. 
  • Visit us online at  
  • Download the 311 Brampton app at the App Store or Google Play
  • Dial 311 from within Brampton city limits (905.874.2000 outside city limits)
  • Email 
  • In-person counters (other locations and hours)
  • Dropbox location is at the City Hall 24-hour lobby 
The Service Brampton website and app allow you to search for information, submit a service request, get updates and track your requests. Access your local government 24/7.

Parking in Downtown Brampton

For City Hall visitors or those exploring downtown businesses and attending events this summer, free parking is available in downtown Brampton:
  • Nelson Square Parking Garage (9 Diplock Lane)
  • West Tower Parking Garage (41 George Street)
  • John Street Parking Garage (16 John Street)
  • Market Square Parking Garage (Theatre Lane & Union Street)
  • City Hall Parking Garage (2 Wellington Street West)

Accessible parking is available at all City of Brampton parking garages.

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  • Downtown Brampton (
  • Service Brampton ( 
  • City Clerk’s Office ('s-Office.aspx)





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