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City of Brampton Statement on Integrity Commissioner

BRAMPTON, ON (January 19, 2023) – The City of Brampton sincerely offers its apologies to Muneeza Sheikh for the events that occurred leading up to and following her departure as Integrity Commissioner in March of 2022.
The City of Brampton recognizes that there were inaccurate and defamatory comments made by some councillors at that time that unjustly and falsely disparaged Ms. Sheikh’s reputation as Integrity Commissioner for the City of Brampton. For that, the City of Brampton unequivocally apologizes to Ms. Sheikh.
To right this wrong, the City of Brampton is pleased to welcome Ms. Sheikh back into her role as Integrity Commissioner effective January 25, 2023, and is confident that she will continue to work hard to serve the residents of Brampton.


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