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​City of Brampton prepared for forecasted winter storm

BRAMPTON, ON (December 22, 2022) – Environment Canada has issued a Special Weather Statement for Brampton and the surrounding area for a major winter storm, with approximately 15 mm of rain Thursday (December 22) transitioning to snow late Friday (December 23).

The temperature will drop Friday, leading to a potential flash freeze for locations that receive rainfall, said the national weather service, adding 10 to 20 cm of snow is also expected, with strong winds causing blizzard like conditions.

Here is what residents need to know to stay safe:

Extreme cold temperatures

Residents should exercise caution and restrict time spent outdoors, as exposed skin can freeze in minutes in extreme cold. Keep pets inside except for short bathroom breaks.

Seniors, children, people experiencing homelessness and people with pre-existing heart or respiratory problems are particularly at risk. Residents are encouraged to check in on friends, family and neighbours.


Environment Canada is predicting a multi-day lake effect snow event, which will last into the weekend. City crews are ready and are pre-salting roads, sidewalks, and parking lots in preparation of the storm. Pre-salting prevents snow from sticking and makes roads easier to plow.

Road Operations staff are working 24 hours a day, five days a week, monitoring roadways and sidewalks. Maintenance Inspectors are performing 24-hour inspections of roads, sidewalks and bridges. Parks Operations staff will be clearing Fire Halls and recreational centre parking lots first, followed by recreational trails.

When it snows, crews salt and plow primary roads first. Once these roads are clear, crews start salting residential streets. For information on service in your area, visit, 311 mobile app, email 311 at or call 311.

Residential streets

City crews plow residential streets when at least 5 cm (2 inches) of snow falls in a single storm.
Streets are not plowed to bare pavement, and it is normal for some snow to stay on the ground even once the street is plowed.

Crews aim to have all roads, sidewalks and trails maintained within 24 hours after the end of a snowfall. It may take longer if weather conditions are severe.

Here’s how you can help during snowfall

• Clear your sidewalks by 11 am the day after a snowfall. This helps ensure the safety of yourself and others. When the City receives a complaint about sidewalks not cleared, an Enforcement Officer will investigate and may issue an Order to Comply, directing the property owner or occupant to take immediate action to clear the sidewalk. Failing to comply may result in the issuance of a $250 penalty notice and the City may perform the work at your expense.
• Move your parked cars. On-street parking permits are not valid during a snowfall. Parked cars prevent plows from clearing roads quickly and efficiently.
• Please be patient! City crews maintain more than:
o 4,053+ lane kilometers of roads
o 1,009+ kilometers of sidewalk fronting city owned properties
o 2,556+ transit stops
o 205 kilometers of recreation trails
o 189+ school crossing locations
o 86 city facility parking lots
• Drive according to conditions, stay alert, slow down and make sure you have a winter driving emergency kit.

Power Outages

To report outages, Alectra Utilities’ customers should call 1-833-ALECTRA (1.833.253.2872). Alectra customers that experience a power outage can find frequent updates through Alectra’s Twitter channel @AlectraNews or by visiting the outage map at Learn more about outage safety here.

Tree Removal and Damage Clean-Up Service Requests

The City is responsible for the following on City property:
• Removal and clean-up of City-owned trees and debris
• Broken or damaged equipment
• General damage
• Lights not working
• Picnic tables or benches missing
• Water ponding

During significant weather events, 311 experiences significantly higher than normal call volumes. To report any fallen City tree branches, trees or debris, please submit your report online at, 311 mobile app or by calling 311.

If residents are in danger, they should call 9-1-1 immediately.

Emergency Kits

Here is a checklist of items you should have as part of a 72-Hour Emergency Kit:
• Flashlight and batteries (in case the lights go out)
• Radio and batteries or crank radio (so you can listen to news bulletins)
• Spare batteries (for radio and flashlight)
• First-aid kit
• Candles and matches/lighter
• Extra car keys and cash (including coins/cards for telephone)
• Important papers (identification for everyone, personal documents)
• Food and bottled water (see food list)
• Clothing and footwear (one change of clothes per person)
• Blankets or sleeping bags (one blanket or sleeping bag per person)
• Toilet paper and other personal supplies
• Medication
• Backpack/duffel bag (for the emergency survival kit, in case you have to evacuate)
• Whistle (in case you need to attract someone’s attention)
• Waterproof matches and plastic garbage bags

Emergency Food and Water Kit
• Drinking Water: Have at least a three-day supply of food and water on hand - At least two litres per person per day
• Food: Choose ready-to-eat foods that your family likes - that doesn’t need refrigeration.
• Examples: Canned food - soups, stews, baked beans, pasta, meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, crackers and biscuits, honey, peanut butter, salt and pepper, sugar, instant coffee, tea, hot chocolate, power bars
• Equipment: Knives, forks, spoons, disposable cups and plates, manual can opener, bottle opener, fuel stove and fuel (follow manufacturer's instructions)
• Don't use a barbecue indoors.

Brampton Transit

Brampton Transit services may be impacted by weather and conditions. For the latest updates when planning your trip, call the Brampton Transit Contact Centre at 905.874.2999,  follow @BramptonTransit on Twitter or visit

City of Brampton Recreation Facilities

City of Brampton Recreation Facilities and Community Centres may have changes in hours of operations, services and programming due to inclement weather. For an updated listing, visit

Lighthouse Program

The City’s Lighthouse Program is an initiative where faith-based organizations offer their facilities as places of refuge during times of crisis. Residents are encouraged to use the Lighthouse Program directory to connect with faith-based organizations in the community to access support in the event of natural disasters, like floods or storms, or in extreme weather. For more details on the Lighthouse Program, visit

Stay connected

The Brampton Emergency Management Office is monitoring weather conditions and will respond accordingly. To stay informed:
• Visit for winter information, including snow clearing updates and follow the Brampton Snow Plow Tracker online and on the 311 mobile app.
• Follow @CityBrampton on Twitter and like the City of Brampton on Facebook.


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