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Service and Information Update

Brampton Fire and Emergency Services continue to monitor and assess flooding in Churchville area

​BRAMPTON, ON (February 18, 2022) – City of Brampton crews remain on scene to respond to the ongoing flood situation in the Churchville area. Brampton Fire and Emergency Services is working in partnership with Peel Regional Police and the Region of Peel to ensure the safety of residents in the area.

If residents suspect they are in danger, please call 9-1-1 immediately. To report localized flooding on municipal roads, blocked storm sewer grates or basement flooding, call 3-1-1.

Streets in the Churchville area are passable, but full access in both directions is not available at this time.

The following areas are now open to residents:
  • Creditview Road
  • Churchville Road (to bridge)
The following areas remain closed to residents:
  • Churchville Road Bridge
  • Martins Boulevard
  • Church Street
  • Victoria Street
  • Adelaide Street

Flood Safety Tips
Residents are asked to follow these safety precautions:

  • Keep yourself, children and pets away from standing water and downed power lines. Standing water may be electrically charged by indoor electrical systems and underground or downed power lines. 
  • Do not drive or walk through floodwaters. Floodwaters can move quickly and pose a risk of drowning. The walkways and roadways beneath may have weakened and become unsafe.
  • Leave your home if there are any signs of potential foundation and structural damage, including to porch roofs and overhangs. 
  • Keep yourself, family and pets away from flood waters. Floodwaters can contain sewage (may contain bacteria, viruses or parasites), chemicals and debris like broken glass. Avoid low-lying areas. 
  • Do not enter a flood area unless wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing.

Once residents are granted permission by City of Brampton Emergency Management staff to safely return to their property, residents should contact the organizations below regarding specific utilities.

Enbridge Gas – 1.866.763.5427
When the all-clear is given by officials, Enbridge Gas representatives will go door-to-door to enter homes and businesses to restore gas service and relight natural gas appliances. DO NOT attempt to relight your own appliances. Appliances that were submerged in water may not function safely and require an inspection by a licenced gas technician or contractor before reactivation.

Customers who are not at home will have a card left in their door/mailbox with instructions to call Enbridge Gas to schedule a gas relight. For details, visit

  • ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) – 1.877.372.7233 is required to be contacted to authorize the safe return of power to any property
  • Alectra (Electricity) - 1.833.ALECTRA (1.833.253.2872) will turn on electricity once ESA has provided approval. If water rises above your electrical outlets, baseboard heaters or furnace, or if it’s near your electrical panel, call Alectra.

Personal Insurance
For insurance-related questions, residents should contact their insurance provider, or the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s Consumer Information Centre (CIC) by phone 1-844-227-5422, or email

Flood Kits

On behalf of Global Medic, the City of Brampton is offering flood kits to residents impacted by the ice jam and flooding in the Churchville area. Kits are equipped with items such as garbage bags, gloves, cleaning supplies, etc. These kits will be dropped off at the homes of impacted residents in the coming days.


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