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City strengthens driveway work rules to keep community safe

​BRAMPTON, ON (April 14, 2021) – The City of Brampton has strengthened rules for contractors who perform driveway paving work on private properties to help create safer homes and a safer community.

New this year, contractors and driveway sealers are required to complete online training with the City before being licensed. A security deposit is now mandatory for contractors. These pre-requisites for licence issuance and/or renewals are significant steps towards mitigating illegal construction on driveways.

Residents planning to widen their driveway to add more parking space, add paving stones or reseal their driveway are asked to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Check that a contractor is licensed by the City of Brampton. A list of licensed contractors is available online.
  • For DIY projects, check with the City to confirm the maximum permitted width of a driveway and if a curb cut permit is required.
  • Trained individuals must be on site during driveway paving. 

Both contractors and residents are responsible for ensuring that construction is in line with City by-laws and legal. 

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