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City of Brampton endorses Parks and Recreation Master Plan 5-Year Review and Update

​BRAMPTON, ON (June 20, 2024) – Developed with extensive feedback from residents, the City of Brampton endorsed the Parks and Recreation Master Plan 5-Year Review and Update (PRMP)

Brampton’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan is a 15-year guiding document for the delivery of parks, open space, recreation and sports facilities to promote active and healthy lifestyles and serves as a comprehensive roadmap aimed at enhancing the city's parkland and recreational facilities. The City undertook a five-year review and update of the 2017 Council-endorsed PRMP.

With Brampton’s population growth rate rising the fastest of Canada’s 25 largest cities, the five-year update to the PRMP highlights key areas of growth across the city and makes recommendations to keep up with Brampton’s rapid pace of growth. The updated plan includes new recommendations to enhance parks and recreation in Brampton, which include expanding parklands, introducing urban parks, new recreation centres, establishing additional youth hubs and revitalizing existing recreation infrastructure in the city. City staff will continue to work toward a plan to implement the recommendations in the plan. 

Community feedback was an integral component in the successful development of the updated Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The City of Brampton thanks everyone who shared their thoughts and ideas and is committed to working together with residents to ensure the current and future needs for parks and recreation in Brampton are met. 

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Parks and Recreation Master Plan: Five-Year Review and Update Highlights 

  • 250 hectares of new recreation parkland 
  • Building new community centres
  • Revitalizing recreation centres​ 
  • Building more cricket facilities 
  • Winterization of outdoor amenities 
  • Expanding joint-use facility partnerships 
  • Modernizing playgrounds 
  • Develop more community and youth hubs 

To read the highlights document, visit this website. ​

Community engagement at a glance

  • 10 City-led pop-up event sessions
  • Five public information sessions
  • Community survey and online feedback form
  • User group and volunteer workshops

Parks and recreation facilities in Brampton

As of March 2024, Brampton’s parks and recreation system consists of: 

  • 1,200 hectares of parklands across 425 parks
  • 346 playgrounds
  • 136 outdoor rectangular sports fields, including nine fields with artificial turf, along with three indoor turf fields
  • 90 ball diamonds
  • 62 tennis courts, including six indoor courts with plans to build nine more
  • 41 outdoor basketball/multi-sport courts
  • 37 community centres, recreation centres, seniors centres, arenas, halls and other buildings
  • 20 gymnasiums with plans approved to add seven more 
  • 20 ice pads
  • 19 splash pads 
  • 19 cricket grounds 
  • 16 outdoor pickleball courts. 
  • 13 indoor aquatic centres with plans to build additional facilities
  • 12 parks with outdoor fitness equipment
  • 12 curling sheets
  • 10 outdoor rinks with plans to build additional facilities
  • nine skateboard parks.
  • eight fitness centres with plans to build additional facilities
  • two outdoor pools
  • one kabaddi field
  • one youth hub with plans to build additional facilities
  • hundreds of recreation, leisure and sport programs offered at community centres and parks oriented to many ages and abilities


“The endorsement of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan 5-Year Review and Update is a significant milestone for Brampton. This plan, developed with extensive feedback from our residents, lays the groundwork for more parkland, new recreation centres and revitalizing existing infrastructure. We are grateful to everyone who contributed their ideas and insights, and we remain dedicated to working collaboratively with our residents to ensure our parks and recreational amenities are the envy of communities across the country.”- Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton
​“We are thrilled to endorse the Parks and Recreation Master Plan 5-Year Review and Update, which reflects our commitment to fostering active and healthy lifestyles for all residents of Brampton. With our city's population expected to continue to grow significantly in the coming years, this plan provides a comprehensive roadmap to enhance our green spaces and recreational facilities, ensuring Brampton remains vibrant and residents are active for generations to come.”- Rowena Santos, Chair, Community Services; Regional Councillor, Wards 1 & 5, City of Brampton 
 “The Parks and Recreation Master Plan 5-Year Review and Update underscores our ongoing dedication to meeting the needs of this rapidly growing community. This plan will guide us in expanding and enhancing our parks and recreation facilities now and into the future. With over 1,200 hectares of parklands, 600 kilometres of trails and plans to build even more amenities, our team is committed to ensuring that Brampton continues to offer exceptional recreational opportunities for all.”- Bill Boyes, Commissioner, Community Services, City of Brampton​​​​​

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