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Dissolution of Peel Region poses serious risk to critical and essential Paramedic Services

BRAMPTON, ON (December 5, 2023) – Today, City of Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown and Peel Paramedic Union’s President Dave Wakely are signalling to the Province, Transition Board and public that careful consideration must be given to regional dissolution and its potential to jeopardize the timely and quality delivery of life-saving emergency medical services across Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon.

As Ontario grapples with a shortage of paramedics, facing 1,000 open positions and an estimated annual deficit of 300-400 paramedics – Peel Region, home to 850 paramedics, has served as a stable employer and service provider. 

With regional dissolution discussions underway, the risk to recruitment and retention of skilled paramedics has been emphasized. 

The City of Brampton remains committed to working closely with the Province and Transition Board on a path forward that safeguards the well-being of taxpayers and ensures the continued delivery of essential services.


Prior to the Province announcing the dissolution of Peel Region, Peel Paramedic Services encountered challenges in recruitment. Despite offering stable jobs, favourable working conditions, strong union-management relations, and an established collective agreement, they could only fill 68 out of 100 positions last year, losing recruits to other employers even before completing orientation.

The timing of the dissolution presents a critical problem. Paramedic hiring in Ontario follows an annual cycle, usually starting in December or January, with new paramedics commencing work from April to June. With the dissolution scheduled before this cycle, Peel's paramedics face uncertainty about their future employment, risking a potential exodus of experienced paramedics by June 2024.

Paramedics in Peel, unwilling to leave their future to chance, are likely to seek employment in other services amid this uncertainty. With 51 other ambulance services in Ontario offering more stability, there is a real risk of a mass exodus from Peel, potentially leaving the region without sufficient paramedics to deliver essential life-saving services in the summer of 2024.


"The dissolution of Peel Region and the lack of security being experienced by Peel's paramedics will lead to a critical shortage of paramedics in the area. Immediate steps must be taken to demonstrate stability and retain the skilled paramedics vital to our citizens’ health and safety. Failure to address these concerns could result in a severe impact on emergency medical services in the region, putting lives at risk in our communities The Peel Paramedics have been some of the best in the country and the last thing we need is to see them split up. Paramedics have been frontline heroes in Peel through the pandemic and have continued a level of excellences and dedication that is unrivaled. You don’t take something great and destroy it.” 
- Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton

"The uncertainty caused by the dissolution is affecting the recruitment and retention of paramedics in Peel. We urge local and provincial governments, the transition board, and the community to collaborate in ensuring that we do not compromise the quality and availability of paramedic care in Peel. The well-being of our residents depends on the actions taken today to mitigate these risks."
- Dave Wakely, President of Peel Paramedic Union OPSEU 277

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