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Brampton Regional Councillor Rowena Santos appointed as FCM’s Chair of the Municipal Finance, Infrastructure and Transportation Standing Committee for 2023-2024

BRAMPTON, ON (August 22, 2023) – The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has announced that Brampton Regional Councillor Rowena Santos has been appointed by FCM President Scott Pearce as Chair of the Standing Committee Municipal Finance, Infrastructure and Transportation 2023-2024.  
FCM is a national advocacy organization for municipal governments that represents more than 2,100 municipalities and 20 provincial and territorial municipal associations. FCM ensures that the needs of municipalities are reflected in federal policies and programs. Municipal leaders from across Canada assemble each year to set FCM policy on key issues. 
Previously, Councillor Santos has been a Member of the Standing Committee on Municipal Finance, Infrastructure and Transportation for three years, and has served two terms as the Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Anti-Racism and Equity, and was a member of the Standing Committee on Increasing Women’s Participation in Municipal Government. Councillor Santos will remain an active member of the Standing Committee on Anti-Racism and Equity as she transitions to chairing the Standing Committee on Municipal Finance, Infrastructure and Transportation. 
FCM’s Standing Committee on Municipal Finance, Infrastructure and Transportation drives board capacity building with a focus on policies and programs related to infrastructure, public transit, mobility, transportation, rail safety, telecommunications, finance and procurement, Canada Post, international trade and municipal finance and autonomy. The City of Brampton’s federal advocacy priorities are closely aligned with the committee’s priorities and will be an opportunity to enhance the City’s advocacy efforts at the federal level on behalf of Brampton and Canadian municipalities.
FCM’s Standing Committees facilitate detailed debate and provide the FCM Board with recommendations on priority policy and program issues. Standing Committees require strong leadership in their Chairs and Vice-Chairs who guide the committees’ deliberations on issues and strategies related to their mandate, ensuring that all committee members have the opportunity to engage in focused and productive discussions. Each committee meets three times per year, in conjunction with the meetings of the Board of Directors. 
Councillor Santos is a proud Bramptonian inspired by community and driven by a passion to change the culture of politics and build a more prosperous, livable and sustainable future. Councillor Santos remains committed to advocating for the needs of communities, including Brampton, as a strong and influential leader at the FCM.  

“It is an honour to serve as Chair of FCM’s Standing Committee on Municipal Finance, Infrastructure and Transportation. I am thrilled to continue working alongside colleagues across Canada, sharing and implementing ideas that build stronger communities. By working together, we will help ensure our municipalities have the tools, funding and resources to support municipal financial health and autonomy, greener public transit, and the long-term infrastructure needs of our communities."
  • Rowena Santos, Regional Councillor, Wards 1 & 5, City of Brampton; Member, FCM Board of Directors 
“On behalf of Council, I congratulate Councillor Santos on her new appointment. I’m proud that she will continue to advocate for our community and municipalities across the country. I know she will serve the Standing Committee dutifully as she works to support effective financial management and key growth priorities for Brampton and Canadian communities.”  
  • ​Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton 

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