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City of Brampton joins forces with Operation Lifesaver to raise awareness about railway crossing safety

(September 24, 2021) – Today, the City of Brampton in partnership with Operation Lifesaver Canada and HUB Surface Systems, unveiled new railway safety decals at the Brampton GO Station as part of the Look. Listen. Live. Community Safety Partnership Program.

Every year, dozens of Canadians are killed or seriously injured in collisions at railway crossings.

Operation Lifesaver works with municipalities to identify locations where rail-safety decals can be installed to remind people to be alert and aware around rail-crossings.

The goal of the decals is to prevent tragic crossing incidents by making pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers more aware of the need to be vigilant around railway crossings. These decals are made of a thermoplastic material engineered to maximize the life of a pavement marking.

Brampton’s Road Operations team will be installing eight decals at rail crossings in the city including:

  • Four decals at Mill Street and Railroad Street; and
  • Four decals at James Street and Johns Street.

For more information on Operation Lifesaver, visit


“Brampton is a Healthy and Safe City. I’m proud to partner with Operation Lifesaver to help raise awareness about the importance of being alert around railway crossings. Even just one tragedy is one too many, and I hope that this initiative and these decals will raise awareness for the entire community.”
- Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton

“This partnership with Operation Lifesaver aims to make the public more aware of the hazards around railway crossings and help save lives. The safety of all Brampton residents is of utmost importance and it’s critical that everyone be aware of their surroundings for their own wellbeing.”
- Paul Vicente, Regional Councillor, Wards 1 & 5, Chair, Public Works and Engineering, City of Brampton

“The City of Brampton is committed to the wellbeing of our residents and the entire community. This partnership with Operation Lifesaver is crucial in helping protect the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists around all railway crossings in Brampton.”
- David Barrick, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Brampton

“Incidents at railway crossings are tragically common across this country, and each one affects the victim’s family and friends, as well as railway employees, first responders and broader communities. This program aims to make the public more aware of the hazards around rail crossings, which will hopefully save lives. We want people to slow down, look in both directions, listen for approaching trains, and obey all railway warning signs and signals.”
- Sarah Mayes, National Director of Operation Lifesaver Canada


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