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City Council approves Brampton’s first Off-Grid Organic Food Shed

​BRAMPTON, ON (May 5, 2021) – Today, City Council has approved an Off-Grid Organic Food Shed, a self-sustaining, regenerative food system that will produce food for many families in Brampton. The food shed will be located at and supported by Brampton Fire Station 212, at 8220 Mississauga Road, for a six-month pilot beginning this summer

The Off-Grid Organic Food Shed will be provided by Nature Harmony and is a zero-energy greenhouse structure that will grow produce from the food shed and be donated to Regeneration Outreach Community to feed families in Brampton, as part of the 2021 Backyard Garden Program.

This innovative technology contains its own ecosystem, using a combination of automated soil, hydroponics, and aquaponics systems to grow edible organic fruits and vegetables, and even edible fish. The shed is zero-waste and carbon negative, powered by solar and wind renewable energy, and it is built to withstand harsh winters.

The sustainable indoor farm also includes a tablet with a suite of educational activities and experiments, and all necessary materials, to encourage interactive learning for people of all ages.

Brampton’s Community Gardens Program advances the goals of the Brampton Grow Green Environmental Master Plan, which cited urban agriculture as an opportunity for the City. Brampton Fire and Emergency Services also participated in the Backyard Garden Program in 2020, where the team grew and helped facilitate a significant amount of produce donations in the community.

“Brampton City Council has approved Brampton’s first Off-Grid Organic Food Shed to be located at Brampton Fire Station 212, and supported by Brampton Fire staff on location. We are proud to establish new models of sustainability in Brampton, especially those that directly support our residents and our journey to reduce GHGs by 80% by 2050.”
- Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton

“Brampton is a Green City, and we welcome innovative solutions for food safety and security for our residents. The Off-Grid Organic Food Shed generates its own energy, maintains a zero-waste system, harvests rainwater, and even captures carbon and releases fresh oxygen. This is a milestone in urban agriculture, and we are excited to help lead the way.”
- Rowena Santos, Regional Councillor Wards 1 & 5; Chair, Community Services, City of Brampton

“An Off-Grid Organic Food Shed will support many residents through COVID-19 as part of Brampton’s Backyard Garden Program. This self-sustaining, organic food-growing model demonstrates the need, value, and means of growing food locally, and empowers us with tools and knowledge for a more sustainable future.”
- Doug Whillans, City Councillor Wards 2 & 6; Chair, Backyard Garden Program, City of Brampton

“City staff are committed to opportunities for food security and environmental sustainability in Brampton. Staff at Brampton Fire Station 212 will be trained to support the Off-Grid Organic Food Shed, which will help achieve Brampton’s sustainability goals.”
- David Barrick, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Brampton

“Nature Harmony is a non-profit organization focused on promoting, facilitating and empowering effective stewardship of the earth. The Off-Grid Organic Food Shed project, in partnership with the Brampton Backyard Garden Program and Brampton Fire, promotes sustainable and regeneration initiatives by inspiring the City, communities, and individuals to rethink their relationship with nature and our current consumerist models."
- Phil Fung, Executive Director, Nature Harmony
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Media Relations, City of Brampton
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