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Mayor Patrick Brown’s Statement on Declaration of Provincial State of Emergency


"Brampton City Council is in full support of this morning’s announcement by Premier Doug Ford declaring a Provincial State of Emergency in response to COVID-19.

Effective immediately, this decisive and extraordinary measure will order the closure of facilities providing indoor recreational programs, libraries and schools defined in the education act, all licenced childcare centres and all bars and restaurants except those offering takeout and delivery. It also mandates that public events of over 50 people are prohibited, including parades, events and services in places of worship until March 31.

Declaring an emergency provides exceptional means to deal with exceptional situations and may open the way to additional resources including supplies and services. The decision also protects volunteers who may now be covered by WSIB and draws public attention to emergency information.

The City of Brampton supports any action needed to flatten the curve of COVID-19 and protect the health of our community, our province, and our country.

The City of Brampton will continue to support the public by providing essential and critical services vital to day-to-day life including transit, fire and emergency services, and by-law and enforcement that ensures emergency service access across the City.

The City is committed to keeping Brampton residents informed and will continue to provide more information about the City’s response to COVID-19 as it becomes available."


From the Province of Ontario:

Benefits of a Provincial Declaration of Emergency

Why Declare an Emergency?

• Declaration permits use of extra-ordinary measures
• May permit sole source contracts for required resources


• Provides exceptional means to deal with exceptional situations
• May open the way to additional resources:
o Supplies
o Services
• Protects volunteers
• Draws public attention to emergency information

When a County or Region Declares

• The local municipality maintains overall responsibility of incident
o An emergency declaration does not mean that the County or Region assumes responsibility for the local municipality’s emergency
• Generally a County or Region declares in consultation with member municipalities to coordinate limited resources
• County or Regional resources may include:
o Emergency Social Services (ESS)
o Public Health
o Police
o Roads/Transportation/Public Works

Provincial Emergency Declarations

• Premier may declare or terminate a provincial emergency
• Premier may take action and make orders necessary that are not contrary to law
• Premier may direct and control a municipality’s  administration, facilities and equipment
• Premier may require any municipality to provide assistance
• Premier may designate a minister to exercise these powers
• If the province declares and requests support from your municipality:
o Municipalities need not declare unless they require special powers
o Track related expenses and contact OFMEM first before making large extraordinary purchases
o Volunteers used in a municipality for the purpose of a Provincial Declaration are covered by the Province for any WSIB claims


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Senior Advisor, Public Relations, City of Brampton
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