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Brampton Council endorses Eco Park Strategy

BRAMPTON, ON (January 29, 2020) – Today, Brampton City Council took a significant step towards building a Green City and implementing a Green Framework for Brampton by endorsing the Brampton Eco Park Strategy.

An Eco Park is an interconnected network of sustainable urban and natural/green spaces. The Brampton Eco Park Strategy characterizes the formation of Brampton Eco Park and sets out the vision, goals and actions to guide its implementation. The Strategy aims to provide unique social opportunities and build community partnerships and stewardship to protect, support and grow Brampton’s Eco Park. It is also focused on conserving, re-naturalizing and enhancing Brampton’s natural landscapes.

The majority of Brampton’s 2,500 hectares of Natural Heritage System (NHS) will form the backbone of Brampton Eco Park. From this foundation, the expansion and evolution of Brampton Eco Park will initially focus around identified hubs, where appropriate locations such as parks, NHS, streetscapes and utility corridors will be adapted into the Eco Park through the establishment of Eco Spaces. Over time, these efforts will result in a green parks network and natural reserve throughout the city.

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Quick Facts

  • The City currently maintains roughly 2,500 hectares of natural heritage, the majority of which form the initial backbone of Brampton Eco Park. The City’s existing parks cover an additional 1,100 hectares, some of which can be integrated into Brampton Eco Park.
  • The Brampton Eco Park Strategy directs staff to undertake further evaluation of the City parks system to identify a plan to strategically expand Eco Spaces into existing and future Brampton parks.
  • Brampton Eco Park has the potential to provide vital services to the community such as water filtration, temperature mitigation and reduction of stormwater runoff. This would provide not only economic savings, but also increased urban resilience to a changing climate. 
  • The Brampton Eco Park Strategy builds off an existing framework of City policies, strategies, and programs including the Brampton 2040 Plan, Brampton Grow Green Environmental Master Plan, Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Natural Heritage Environmental Management Strategy, Urban Forest Management Plan and the Brampton Million Trees Program.

    “Council is dedicated to continuing to a build a Green City, and the Brampton Eco Park Strategy marks another milestone in our sustainability journey. I look forward to the many social and environmental benefits that the expanded, interconnected Brampton Eco Park will provide to our city.

- Mayor Patrick Brown, City of Brampton

“Last year, Brampton joined 35 other communities in declaring a climate emergency. Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Brampton by 80% by 2050, and endorsing the Brampton Eco Park strategy is another step towards that goal. This is a great initiative for building community partnerships and stewardship to protect, support and grow Brampton’s green spaces.”

- Paul Vicente, Regional Councillor and Chair, Public Works and Engineering, City of Brampton

“The approved Eco Park Strategy will allow City staff to continue to advance Council’s priority of being a Green City, expanding upon Brampton’s urban and natural spaces to create an interconnected parks network that will conserve, re-naturalize and enhance our city’s landscapes.”

- David Barrick, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Brampton


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