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Brampton seeks fair and timely Federal and Provincial funding to unlock economic potential

City provides input into Federal and Provincial 2020 Pre-Budget consultations
BRAMPTON, ON (January 25, 2020) – The City of Brampton is advocating on a number of key priorities as part of the Federal and Provincial governments’ 2020 pre-budget consultations.
Today, during a meeting with local Members of Parliament – Ruby Sahota, Maninder Sidhu, Ramesh Sangha, Kamal Khera and Sonia Sidhu –Mayor Patrick Brown shared details of the City’s federal budget requests. They discussed the importance of long-term transit funding and the need for strengthening Brampton’s infrastructure to meet rapid population growth. The significance of sustainable initiatives such as Riverwalk and its role in climate mitigation and adaption was also discussed.
The Provincial submission document was presented to Ontario Premier Doug Ford by Mayor Patrick Brown at a meeting yesterday (January 24). They discussed Brampton’s most pressing matters such as the chronic underfunding in health care and the need for immediate funding to support the expansion of Peel Memorial Hospital and a third health care facility. Mayor Brown also welcomed the Province’s funding announcement of $20.5 million towards Peel Regional Police’s community safety and crime prevention initiatives. The meeting also included discussions about the need for CCTV cameras on Highways 410 and 403 to tackle gun crime, and the shortage of judicial resources at the Provincial Offences Act (POA) court house in Brampton.

The Mayor asked that Council and City Officials receive regular updates from the federal Government on the City’s federal priorities, current budget requests, and upcoming opportunities to access new funding.
Below are highlights of both pre-budget submissions. The full documents are available on the City’s website.
• A fair funding allocation model that recognizes and alleviates the pressures faced by rapidly growing Brampton Transit and Züm transit systems
• Funding commitment to extend the Hurontario-Main St. LRT to the Downtown Brampton GO station, while work continues on the Environmental Assessment 
• Support for Riverwalk, a transformational project that will unlock the economic potential in downtown Brampton, expected to add more than $256 million to the Canadian economy and create 2,200 full-time jobs
• Immediate, equitable heath care funding to end “hallway medicine” in Brampton, expand Phase II of Peel Memorial Centre, and fund a third hospital in Brampton
• Legislate BramptonU into existence and help create more postsecondary opportunities. A Mainstreet Research survey shows 83% of Brampton residents want a Brampton University
• Increase sharing of Brampton-specific data among all levels of government for a holistic approach to community safety and well-being
“In this new decade, cities will be defined by how we can sustainably manage growth, create jobs, and move people and goods efficiently. Working with our Federal and Provincial partners is crucial in securing fair, equitable funding on a number of projects that will unlock the economic potential of the city, Ontario and for Canada. Brampton is grateful for the recent investments in community safety, which demonstrates that ongoing and united advocacy efforts are positively advancing the priorities of our community. We also look forward to continued support from both levels of government to build our community through the creation of business opportunities, post secondary education, effective health care and affordability for all.”
- Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton

“Every year, thousands make Brampton their place of choice to live, work, and play. Our growth is a compelling story that we’d like to further strengthen through the support of the Federal and Provincial governments. We will continue to engage our government partners on more collaborative initiatives that align with our Term of Council Priorities and Brampton 2040 Vision.”
- David Barrick, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Brampton 

Harkirat Singh, City Councillor; Paul Vicente, Regional Councillor; Michael Palleschi, Regional Councillor; Rowena Santos, Regional Councillor; Patrick Brown, Mayor; Maninder Sidhu, MP; Ramesh Sangha, MP; Kamal Khera, MP; Ruby Sahota, MP; Sonia Sidhu, MP
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