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There’s no business like snow business

City of Brampton increases services for winter-ready operations
BRAMPTON, ON (November 22, 2019) – Winter weather arrived early this year and Brampton’s crews are working around the clock to clear the way for residents. This week, to build on this service, Brampton City Council approved a number of winter operations improvements to help make the season safer and easier for residents.
Enhancements include increasing service levels on local roads from 7.5 cm accumulation to 5.0 cm, meaning crews will dispatch sooner during a winter weather event. Additionally, residents can now see what roads and sidewalks crews have cleared using the City’s newly launched Plow Tracker on

The City reminds residents that being winter-ready is a team effort and with everyone’s help, this season can be safer for all:
• Clear sidewalks of ice, snow, and slush by 11 am the day after snowfall.
• Parking on streets is not allowed and will be enforced during winter weather events. Please move vehicles to ensure plows and emergency vehicles can safely pass by.
• If it has been more than 24 hours since the snowfall has ended and your street still requires attention, let the City know by calling 3-1-1. 
• Snow removal financial assistance is available to eligible seniors and residents living with disabilities. Learn more:

For more information on the City’s winter operations, visit


“Winter in Brampton can bring snow, ice, freezing rain, cold temperatures and other severe conditions – and we are ready. With our newly increased service levels, our teams will continue to provide excellent, around-the-clock service to keep Brampton safe this season. We encourage residents when travelling to ensure they allow for extra time, slow down, stay alert and make room for plows. We’re all in this together.”
Mayor Patrick Brown

“Responding to winter conditions is one of the largest operations at the City of Brampton. Our Council has made service level enhancements to improve our core services for Brampton residents. Each year, our crews maintain 3,986 lane kilometres of roads, 2,462 transit stops and 979 kilometres of sidewalks/walkways. We’re asking residents to do their part to keep their communities winter-ready by ensuring residential sidewalks are clear and parked cars are kept off the road during snowfall for plows and emergency vehicles to pass by safely.”
Regional Councillor Paul Vicente, Chair, Public Works and Engineering
“During the winter season, City crews are responsible for snow removal, anti-icing and salting. Through initiatives like using combination snow plows that salt and clear at the same time, the City aims to provide efficient service while reducing the impact of road salt and winter fleet emissions on the environment.”
Regional Councillor Pat Fortini, Vice-Chair, Public Works and Engineering
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Natalie Stogdill
Senior Advisor, Public Relations, City of Brampton
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