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Council identifies its priorities for Brampton until 2022


BRAMPTON, ON (March 27, 2019) – Council today finalized its priorities to advance the city over the next four years. These priorities continue the momentum of implementing Brampton’s 2040 Vision and reflect feedback heard from residents, specifically around community safety and job creation.

The Brampton 2040 Vision is an aspirational document that guides what Brampton will become over the next quarter century. The Term of Council Priorities are organized into five main areas that align with the central Vision themes.

Brampton is a City of Opportunities
Improving livability and prosperity by focusing on local education and employment opportunities, neighbourhood services and programs, and job investment strategies.

Brampton is a Mosaic
Celebrating Brampton’s diversity by more effectively engaging and communicating with diverse groups, supporting cultural events, and developing a holistic framework to embed diversity across the city.

Brampton is a Green City
Building on Brampton’s commitment to sustainability by improving transit and active transportation opportunities, focusing on energy efficiency, and revitalizing natural spaces and the urban tree canopy.

Brampton is a Healthy and Safe City
Focusing on community safety, improving mental health support, and encouraging active and healthy lifestyles.

Brampton is a Well-Run City
Continuously improving the day-to-day operations of the corporation by streamlining service delivery, effectively managing municipal assets, and leveraging partnerships for collaboration and advocacy.

A detailed staff report outlining specific initiatives, timelines and performance metrics under each theme area will be brought back to Council later this spring. The City is also finalizing its 2019 Budget later today, which will help ensure appropriate funding to support these priorities.

For more information on the Term of Council Priorities and connections to the Brampton 2040 Vision, visit


“Our Council worked closely together to determine the most important things we wanted to accomplish over the next four years. We landed on 22 shared priorities that not only address the most common feedback we heard during our election campaigns, but also help further our long-term commitment to the 2040 Vision.”
Mayor Patrick Brown

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Natalie Stogdill
Media Relations, City of Brampton