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Rowena Santos appointed as additional Regional Councillor

BRAMPTON, ON – At a special meeting held today, Brampton City Council appointed City Councillor Rowena Santos (Wards 1 and 5) to serve as Brampton’s additional Regional Councillor on Peel Regional Council for the 2018-2022 term of office.

Councillor Rowena Santos will take her Oath of Office as a Regional Councillor at Peel Regional Council’s Inaugural Meeting on December 6, 2018.

In 2005, the provincial government introduced Bill 186, which increased Brampton’s representation on Peel Council by one member (Mayor, five Regional Councillors, plus an additional Councillor). The additional Regional Councillor is appointed by City Council from among the five elected City Councillors following a municipal election. That individual will then sit as a member of City and Regional Council.

City Council also requested staff to investigate other possible opportunities to allow the additional Regional Councillor position to be appointed not for the entire term of Council but instead on a rotational (or such other) basis within the Council term of office in order to permit more than one City Councillor to fulfil the role of additional Regional Councillor.

In addition, City Council appointed City Councillor Harkirat Singh as the alternate Regional Councillor in the event of a temporary absence of a Brampton Regional Councillor at Region of Peel Council for the 2018-2022 Term.


“As a rapidly growing city, Brampton has an important role to play at the Region of Peel Council. With a stronger presence at the Region, Brampton will help shape the future of the regional economy on issues that are critical to our city such as community policing and safety, affordable housing and job creation. With this strong additional voice, I believe Councillor Santos' vast policy experience and understanding of Brampton's key policy imperatives will support our team's goals for the residents of Brampton. I am particularly proud that she is the first Filipino Canadian elected to Brampton City Council.”
Mayor Patrick Brown
“I am honoured to be appointed as a Regional Councillor and look forward to advocating for Brampton’s interests. Regional responsibilities, including social, housing, police and paramedic services, water and waste management programs have a bearing on the quality of life and I am committed to ensuring that our residents’ voices are heard.”
Regional Councillor Rowena Santos


Regional Councillor Rowena Santos, Wards 1 and 5


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