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City takes action to encourage sustainable development

​​​​​​​BRAMPTON, ON – At its meeting on Wednesday, June 27, Brampton City Council approved a staff recommendation that all new site, draft and block plan development applications must achieve, at minimum, a bronze threshold sustainability score as specified in the City’s Sustainable Community Development Guidelines.

The City of Brampton takes a comprehensive approach to planning and designing sustainable communities. The Sustainable Community Development Guidelines and the Sustainability Assessment Tool are two tools designed to measure the environmental sustainability performance of new development applications.

The Sustainable Community Development Guidelines are part of the City’s Development Design Guidelines. They establish qualitative measures to guide the planning and development of new communities and buildings, forming an integral part of reviewing and evaluating secondary and block planning, plans of subdivision and site plans.

Further to the City of Brampton’s Sustainable Community Development Guidelines document, the City, in collaboration with the City of Vaughan and Town of Richmond Hill, developed a Sustainability Assessment Tool that contains set metrics and targets to evaluate and score the environmental sustainability performance of new development applications. With more than 50 sustainability metrics, developers in Brampton have a range of options to achieve Brampton’s bronze threshold. In order to achieve the newly-required bronze threshold, site plan development applications must achieve 35 to 52 points, draft plans 29 to 39 points, and block plans 30 to 38 points.

Sustainability is a key theme of the Brampton 2040 Vision. The Vision sets the stage for Brampton to become a model contemporary suburb that emphasizes liveability, sustainability, competitiveness and resiliency, and identifies directions for the future. Leading to 2040, the City will prioritize sustainability and resiliency through integrative planning and development that considers the long-term impact on people, planet and profit.

For more information on sustainability and to read the Brampton 2040 Vision, visit


“By requiring development applications to achieve a minimum sustainability score, the City is paving the way for more sustainable development. We are confident the development community will fully embrace this opportunity to help our local environment, and we look forward to seeing Brampton continue to develop in a more environmentally responsible manner.” 
Mayor Linda Jeffrey



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