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Brampton remains one of Canada’s youngest large cities

BRAMPTON, ON – Today’s Statistics Canada’s census release demonstrates that Brampton continues to rank among the youngest large cities in Canada.

According to census numbers, Brampton has an average age of 36.5, compared to an average age of 39.7 for the GTA, 41.0 for the Province, and a nationwide average age of 41.0.

“Our youth are a key strength in bringing vitality, energy and innovation to our city,” said Mayor Linda Jeffrey. “It’s a driver for some of the City’s key initiatives, particularly around a university in Brampton, and also informs the City of Brampton’s overall planning vision.”

Recognizing its young and growing population, the Province of Ontario has committed to supporting a new university in Brampton, bringing innovative approaches to skills development needed to build the workforce of tomorrow.

Understanding demographic trends helps the City plan investments and development to compete on a global stage.  Brampton recently launched a process to create a planning vision, leveraging international best practices to help position Brampton as a North American leader in urban planning and design and build a connected, inclusive, innovative and bold city.

This latest 2016 census data release also provided information about gender composition and dwelling types in Brampton. The city’s population is still roughly split evenly by gender across all age categories, and total private dwellings grew 12.6 per cent since 2011.

Statistics Canada ( will release additional information over the coming months, including Families, Households and Marital Status and Language in August. Information on a previous data release on Brampton's population is available here.

For more detailed census information on Brampton, visit, call 905.874.2650 or e-mail

Quick facts:
• Almost 40 people choose to move to Brampton every day
• Brampton’s population is the most youthful of all of Canada’s largest cities
• Approximately 1 in 3.6 Brampton residents are under the age of 19
• 1 in 9 of all Brampton residents are 65 years or older


Brampton is thinking bigger. We are a future ready organization with a sharp focus. We know our community’s growth, youth and diversity set us apart. We sit at the centre of Canada’s innovation super corridor, encouraging investment and growing our global success. We are building vibrant urban centres that ignite opportunity and instill pride in the people who live and work here. We are moving Brampton forward to be a connected city that is innovative, inclusive and bold. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Learn more at
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