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Your pet, your best friend – your responsibility

​BRAMPTON, ON — May is Responsible Pet Ownership Month and Brampton Animal Services is putting the focus on the everyday responsibilities involved in taking care of our furry (or feathered) friends.

Microchip clinics
On May 10 and 17, the annual spring microchip clinic will be held at the Brampton Animal Shelter (475 Chrysler Drive) from 6-8 pm. Register at

A microchip is a small device, about the size of a grain of rice. It’s implanted under the skin of your dog or cat and provides permanent, 24/7 identification for your pet.

Contrary to what some people think, a microchip is not a tracking device or GPS. It simply provides your pet with their own unique, lifetime ID number that will help them get home safely if they get lost.

Still not sure? Remember that just two months ago, a stray cat was brought into the Guelph Humane Society. The cat’s microchip allowed staff to find its family – in Watsonville, California, some 4,300 kilometres away.

Attention responsible dog owners
Throughout May, animal control officers will be out in the community looking for responsible dog owners. If you’re doing a good job at keeping your dog safe, they may just have a little gift for you. Watch for them!

What it means to be a responsible pet owner
Here are a few tips on how to be a good pet parent:

• When out with your dog, keep it on leash, except in designated leash-free areas. It’s safer for you, your dog, and other people and pets.

• Pick up after your dog. Not cleaning up dog waste in public places is unhealthy, irresponsible, and against the law.

• License your dog or cat and make sure they have up-to-date identification tags. Licensing is an additional form of pet protection and insurance. Pets with visible identification are more likely to be approached, and can often be returned to their owners immediately, without having to come into the shelter.

• Have your pet spayed or neutered. It prevents adding to pet overpopulation, and has many health benefits for your pet, helping them to live a longer, happier life. It’s never too late – talk to your veterinary team to learn more.

Adoption is the loving option
if you know you would be a responsible pet owner and you’re looking for the perfect match, consider the adoption option. There are many pets in need of a home through no fault of their own. Drop by the Brampton Animal Shelter at 495 Chrysler Drive or see a list of adoptable pets at If we don’t have the right fit for you, there are many other reputable municipal shelters, humane societies and rescue groups to choose from.



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