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Study highlights healthy opportunities for Brampton

​BRAMPTON, ON – A week after the grand opening of the Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness, the City of Brampton released results of a study for creating a Health and Life Sciences cluster around this world-class facility. The study, led by MDB Insight, is the first of its kind for Brampton, and presents a core strategy to combine existing strengths in the sector with forward-looking thinking and technology advancements.

The strategy recommends building this cluster with a focus on preventive care. This niche within the health sector complements the service focus at Peel Memorial, takes advantage of growing trends, and would differentiate Brampton from health sectors across the GTA. This type of cluster would attract businesses involved with big data, health apps, population-based research and personalized medicine.

“Brampton is doing game-changing things in the health and life sciences sector,” said Mayor Linda Jeffrey. “With a new university facility coming, our central position in the Innovation Super Corridor, combined with the forward-looking approaches outlined in this study, we have a great opportunity to set a new course for Brampton.”

Long-term outcomes of this development include: a better quality of life in Brampton based on more and higher-paying jobs, smart growth within the Downtown core, and advancing the City’s global reputation for innovation and excellence.

“We’re excited about the health and life sciences opportunities this study highlights,” said Bob Darling, the City’s Economic Development and Culture Director. “With many health related businesses already operating in the city and partnerships we’re facilitating, we are well positioned to help build this cluster and enhance the quality of life in Brampton.”


MR 17_031 Cluster Concept.jpg
​Concept image of potential development of a health and life sciences cluster around the Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness

Facts and numbers

A foundation for growth
• Over 700 health sector businesses and agencies already in Brampton, from doctor’s offices to global players in medical research and devices.
• Leading health care facilities already in place, include: William Osler Health System (Peel Memorial, Brampton Civic) and ErinoakKids.
• Downtown Brampton is located in the middle of the Waterloo-Toronto Innovation Super Corridor.
• There are established links with post-secondary institutions in the health care sector, like Sheridan College.
• Brampton’s diverse population makes it a microcosm of the world and attractive to health research businesses

25 years, 25 projects
• The study is thinking big, with long range planning until 2041 looking at 25 significant development projects.
• A mix of office, commercial and residential uses are planned that will amplify smart growth in Brampton
• Creating a cluster of health and life sciences can create the critical mass necessary for further growth

Economic impact
• The economic benefits generated through the core strategy could create nearly $35 trillion in GDP.
• Potential of adding 5,000 to 6,000 high-paying jobs, with an additional possible 13,000 jobs through indirect employment.
• 1.5 million square feet of additional office space.

Broader implications
• The study supports broader planning initiatives for the Downtown and Central Area, and could spur acceleration of some projects.
• It will encourage renewed emphasis on “place-making” in the cluster area, important for attracting workers and building a vibrant community.
• Cluster development will enhance and encourage active transportation within, as well as to and from, the study area.
• A health cluster will be a driver in the development of mobility hubs and higher-order transit throughout the city.


• Brampton Human Health and Sciences Cluster Development Strategy



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