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Brampton delegation to Queen’s Park puts regional representation in the spotlight

City responds to Bill 68 urging province to act before 2018 municipal election

BRAMPTON, ON: Today a delegation representing Brampton’s 600,000 residents made a case at Queen’s Park for the City’s need to have a stronger voice at Peel Regional Council.

Leading the City’s delegation, Regional Councillor Gael Miles presented to Ontario’s Standing Committee on Social Policy the need for full and fair representation of Brampton at Peel Regional Council in time for the 2018 municipal election.

Currently, only seven of Brampton’s 11 City Council members sit on Regional Council, while all of Mississauga’s Council members are represented at the Region. As Brampton continues to experience rapid population growth, the provincial government was urged to enable all City Councillors to serve at the Regional Council.

The delegation was made as part of the City’s response to Bill 68, Modernizing Ontario’s Municipal Act.  While the City supported the general recommendations in the Bill about regional governance, the delegation voiced concerns that the Bill does not go far enough to address the current imbalance of representation at the Region of Peel. 

• Currently, each Brampton Councillor represents 87,815 residents, compared to Mississauga Councillors who represent 63,583 residents.
• If all 10 Councillors were at the Region, they would represent 60,000 residents each, a more equitable representation and similar to Mississauga.
• Brampton’s population growth, in conformity with the Province’s Growth Plan, is expected to reach 900,000 by 2041.
• In 2013, Brampton underwent a ward boundary review, to ensure a “right size Council” and to prepare for full representation at Regional Council. Despite that, the City doesn’t have a full voice at the Region.

Recent attempts at facilitation at the Region of Peel with regards to equal and fair representation have ended in failure. As the leader of Canada’s second fastest growing city, Brampton has contributed to the growth and development of the regional economy for decades and it is long overdue that Brampton finally have an equal say in the services we fund. Brampton is calling the Province to amend the Region of Peel Act and Municipal Act to increase the City’s representation to reflect our population. Full and fair representation is a top priority for City Council and the right thing to do.
- Mayor Linda Jeffrey

The 2004 Justice Adams report recognized Brampton’s population growth and recommended full representation at the Region. More than a decade since the report, Brampton continues to be under-represented at the Region, while our population has grown rapidly. It’s time to end this disparity. Now more than ever is the time for Brampton to be fairly represented at the Region.
- Regional Councillor Gael Miles, and chief delegator at the Standing Committee on Social Policy


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