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City improves fireworks safety through mandatory vendor training

Brampton, ON: In the interest of promoting and maintaining the safe use of fireworks, Brampton is introducing a mandatory annual course for fireworks vendors before they can be licensed to sell. The annual course will cover the types of fireworks allowed for sale, rules for storing, displaying and selling, customer ID requirements and safety guidelines for distribution to buyers.

New Fireworks and Licensing By-laws were approved by Council in 2016, and the vendors’ course is a part of the City’s effort to enhance communication and enforcement of the revised By-laws.

Brampton Fire and Emergency Services, along with By-law Enforcement staff will be conducting the courses. Vendors are required to attend at least one of the course sessions each year if they wish to be licensed to sell fireworks in Brampton.

• The course will be conducted in spring and fall: April 20 and 27, and September 14 and 28, starting 6 pm, at Chinguacousy Park Ski Chalet, 9050 Bramalea Road. 
• Course registration must be made in person at the Fire Life Safety Education Centre, 225 Central Park Drive, Tel: 905.874.2740. Registration fee is $100. 
• For vendors with multiple locations, at least one operator from each location is required to complete the course.
• A vendor’s application for a licence to sell fireworks must be accompanied by a certificate of completion of the course.
• Residents are reminded that only short-range fireworks (those that don’t travel more than three feet when set off) are allowed on their property on Victoria Day, Canada Day, Diwali or New Year’s Eve.

Fireworks safety is everyone’s responsibility – residents that use them, vendors that sell them, and the City in licensing and inspecting vendors and enforcing by-laws effectively.  The vendors’ course will help create greater awareness of the safety guidelines, while allowing the public to celebrate with care.  We’re making Brampton a strong urban growth centre and leading the way in creating a safer community for all.
- Mayor Linda Jeffrey

The changes to the By-laws acknowledge the inherent safety risks posed by fireworks, while still allowing residents to celebrate important occasions with their families. This vendors’ course is a key part of maximizing awareness of the new By-law and fireworks safety. Having the right steps in place on how they are sold and used can go a long way in minimizing fire risks. 
- Fire Chief Michael Clark



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