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Brampton Fire and Emergency Services reminds residents to have a fire-safe December

BRAMPTON, ON (December 1, 2023) – ​It’s the holiday season and Brampton Fire and Emergency Services is reminding residents to have a safe holiday season with its annual holiday safety campaign. This year’s campaign Make it a fire-safe December to remember, sponsored by Enbridge, reminds residents to prioritize fire-safety throughout December. 

During the excitement of the holiday season, we can easily be distracted. Brampton Fire and Emergency Services reminds residents to cook with care, test smoke alarms, inspect extension cords, water trees daily, and be safe this December.  

Tips for a fire-safe December:  
  1. Water real trees daily.  
  2. Check all sets of lights before decorating.  
  3. Test your smoke alarms.  
  4. Test your carbon monoxide (CO) alarms.   
  5. Create a home escape plan that includes a meeting place in front of your home.   
  6. Inspect extension cords – replace frayed or damaged cords.  
  7. Keep portable heaters at least 1 metre away from anything that can burn.  
  8. Blow out candles when leaving the room or going to bed.   
  9. Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children.  
  10. Always stay in the kitchen while cooking.   
  11. Encourage smokers to smoke outside and use deep ashtrays.  
  12. Be responsible when drinking or using recreational drugs when cooking, smoking or driving.  
Learn more about how to stay fire-safe this December at   

"As we enter the festive season, it's important that we prioritize safety in our homes and community. The annual holiday safety campaign by Brampton Fire and Emergency Services, generously sponsored by Enbridge, serves as a timely reminder for all residents to be extra careful and practise fire-safe habits this December. By following simple yet lifesaving tips, such as watering real trees daily, checking lights before decorating, and testing alarms regularly, we can ensure a joyous and safe holiday season for everyone in Brampton." 
- Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton 
"While the holiday season brings warmth and joy, it's also essential to remember that safety should always be a top priority. Brampton Fire and Emergency Services encourages residents to be proactive in creating a fire-safe environment. Simple measures like inspecting extension cords, keeping portable heaters at a safe distance, and having a well-thought-out home escape plan can make a significant difference. Let's work together to make this December a fire-safe one for our loved ones and our community. Visit to learn more and stay informed about essential safety practices." 
- Bill Boyes, Commissioner, Community Services; Fire Chief, Brampton Fire and Emergency Service

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