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City of Brampton endorses new Official Plan to guide city-building and support our growing community

BRAMPTON, ON (November 1, 2023) –  Since 2001, Brampton has grown at a rapid pace, four times faster than Canada and five times the rate of Ontario’s population growth. Over the next three decades, Brampton will continue to see rapid growth, transitioning from a population of 700,000 people to over a million residents. To support this level of growth, the City is adopting its new Official Plan, Brampton Plan. Brampton Plan is a forward-thinking roadmap to guiding growth and development in the city and reflects the needs and aspirations of residents. Brampton Plan implements any of the principles of the 2040 Vision to achieve a sustainable and vibrant future for the city. Brampton Plan is the culmination of four years of background and technical studies along with extensive public consultations to help shape how Brampton will grow and develop to the year 2051. 

Brampton Plan is centered on addressing six key themes: 

Nurturing strong and connecting communities
Sustainability and climate change
Housing and social matters
Mobility and connectivity
Health and wellness
Jobs and living centres 

An Official Plan is a document outlining policies about how land in a municipality will be used. It’s the overarching plan that helps manage how a city grows and develops. It guides the location and type of housing, industry, offices and shops, as well as the infrastructure needed to support a growing city – including streets, parks, transit, schools and recreational facilities. 

The City of Brampton is the ninth largest city in the country and the fastest growing of Canada’s twenty-five largest cities. By updating the Brampton Plan, the City remains committed to adapting to meet the evolving needs of our vibrant and diverse community, while upholding our legislative responsibilities.



“As Our City continues to undergo a remarkable transformation, our new Official Plan, the Brampton Plan, is a significant milestone for Brampton. With a visionary outlook and carefully designed plan to meet the evolving needs of our diverse and dynamic community, we remain committed to providing critical services, modern infrastructure, and an unparalleled quality of life for our residents now and for generations to come.”  

- Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton

“With the City of Brampton continuing to grow quickly, we adopted a new Official Plan to ensure residents have access to the services that meet their needs and the infrastructure that keeps them connected. Feedback from the residents was vital to the development of this plan, and we will continue to work with Bramptonians to ensure Brampton remains a prosperous community.”

- Michael Palleschi, Regional Councillor, Wards 2 & 6; Chair, Planning and Development Committee 

"Brampton's expanding population and evolving demographics creates both challenges and exciting opportunities for our city. Our dedicated city staff worked tirelessly to craft Brampton Plan. This roadmap is a vital tool in continuing to build an even stronger city today and into the future." 

- Marlon Kallideen, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Brampton


As one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, Brampton is home to nearly 700,000 people and more than 90,000 businesses. People are at the heart of everything we do. We are energized by our diverse communities, we attract investment, and we are embarking on a journey to lead technological and environmental innovation. We partner for progress to build a healthy city that is safe, sustainable, and successful. Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Learn more at

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