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Brampton City Council appoints additional Regional Councillors for 2022-2026 Term

​BRAMPTON, ON (November 16, 2022) – At a special meeting held today, Brampton City Council appointed City Councillors Rowena Santos, Wards 1 and 5; Dennis Keenan, Wards 3 and 4; and Navjit Kaur Brar, Wards 2 and 6 to serve as Brampton’s additional Regional Councillors on Peel Regional Council for the 2022 to 2026 Term of Office.

Councillors Santos, Keenan and Brar, as well as the City's five elected Regional Councillors, will take their Oaths of Office as Regional Councillors at Peel Regional Council’s Inaugural Meeting tomorrow, November 17, 2022 at 9:30 am.

Region of Peel By-law 83-2020 changed the composition of the Region of Peel Council to establish nine Regional Councillors from the City of Brampton. The nine Regional Councillors include:
• The Mayor
• Five elected Regional Councillors
• Three elected City Councillors appointed by Brampton City Council as Regional Councillors.

The additional Regional Councillors are appointed by City Council from among the five elected City Councillors following a municipal election. That individuals will then sit as a member of City and Regional Council.

In addition, City Council appointed City Councillor Harkirat Singh, Wards 9 and 10, as the alternate Regional Councillor in the event of a temporary absence of a Brampton Regional Councillor at Region of Peel Council for the 2022 to 2026 Term.


“Brampton has an important role to play at the Region of Peel Council, and together with our partners at the City of Mississauga and Town of Caledon, we will help shape the future of our regional community by focusing on services important to our city, such as policing and community safety, affordable housing, and jobs and the economy. I know that the strong voices of Councillor Santos, Councillor Keenan and Councillor Kaur Braur, in addition to their diverse backgrounds and experiences, will help continue to move Brampton and the Region of Peel forward. We look forward to serving our Brampton residents at Peel Regional Council.”
- Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton

“I am honoured to be appointed as Regional Councillor for the second consecutive term, and look forward to advocating for Brampton residents at Region of Peel Council. We achieved much to improve quality of life for Bramptonians and those across the Region over the last term, and will continue this momentum over the next four years to continue to move Brampton and the Region of Peel Forward.”
- Rowena Santos, Regional Councillor, Wards 1 and 5, City of Brampton

“Regional responsibilities touch the lives of our residents every day. I look forward to being a voice for Brampton at Region of Peel Council, and collaborating with Council colleagues from our City, Mississauga, and Caledon to serve Brampton and advocate for our community’s needs.”

- Dennis Keenan, Regional Councillor, Wards 3 and 4, City of Brampton

“Regional responsibilities like social services and housing, police and paramedic services, and waste and water management impact the lives of our residents every day. I am honoured to have been appointed to Region of Peel Council, and look forward to representing Brampton and our residents needs.”
- Navjit Kaur Brar, Regional Councillor, Wards 2 and 6, City of Brampton


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