​​On January 22, 2020, the City of Brampton declared a health care emergency and launched its advocacy campaign, “Fair Deal for Brampton”, requesting additional funding from the province to bridge Brampton’s health care gap.

Exciting news! The City welcomed the 2021 budget announcement from the provincial government to fund the expansion of a new wing at William Osler Health System’s Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness, and financial support for the development of a new Medical School in Brampton in partnership with Toronto Metropolitan University.

Expansion of Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness into a full hospital

Currently, Peel Memorial is an urgent care centre that provides a range of day procedures and outpatient services. To support the transformation of Peel Memorial into a new hospital, the province is providing up to $18 million to expand the urgent care centre to 24/7 operations, paving the way for an eventual emergency department as Peel Memorial expands into a full service second hospital. The second hospital will help significantly increase health care capacity for our community.

Construction is set to begin late 2023/early 2024, and will include:

  • A 24/7 Emergency Department
  • New and enhanced services for seniors
  • New and enhanced mental health and addictions services
  • Rehabilitation and complex continuing care services
  • 250 inpatient beds with space to build one hundred more beds in the future

​ Expanding Cancer Care Services at Brampton Civic Hospital

The Ontario Government committed $3 million to support planning for expanded cancer care services at Brampton Civic Hospital. This funding is a step forward for more comprehensive cancer care and treatment and enables William Osler Health System to continue planning expansion of its cancer care program to meet the needs of our fast-growing community. Plans include bringing more services, including radiation treatment that is currently not available in Brampton, closer to home for the community.

Hospital Levy

Brampton City Council approved a one per cent hospital levy to support health care expansion in Brampton. In total, Brampton residents will pay $125 million towards the project.

Welcome to Brampton, TMU School of Medicine!

In January 2023, the City of Brampton and Government of Ontario made a historical announcement regarding the location of the new Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) School of Medicine.

The school will be located at the Bramalea Civic Centre, at 150 Central Park Drive. The Civic Centre is strategically located within the City’s health and life sciences cluster, and this is a great win for our advocacy to secure fair and equitable health care for our residents.

The school will open in 2025 and include 80 undergraduate seats and 95 postgraduate positions to ensure the next generation of health care practitioners can train locally in the city. It will make Brampton the home of a community-centric medical school focused on inclusivity, innovation, and primary care. The school makes Brampton the home to the first new medical school in the GTA in over a hundred years!

For more information, visit https://www.torontomu.ca/school-of-medicine.​​​​​