Active Transportation Master Plan

About the Active Transportation Master Plan

Active Transportation (walking, cycling and other self-propelled mobility options) presents one of the greatest untapped opportunities for reducing single occupant vehicle trips, and for addressing a host of community design and public health issues. Incorporating global best practices in active transportation and promoting the concept of 'complete streets' and 'sustainable' community design is a guiding principle for the City’s planning and engineering efforts. 

The focus of the Active Transportation Master Plan is to develop an implementation strategy for building a connected cycling and pedestrian network across the City (and connecting to neighbouring municipalities) to enable safer, more convenient travel by non-motorized modes, and to encourage cycling as a viable means of transportation for both recreational and utilitarian purposes for the general public.

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What is the Status of the Plan?

Based on the preliminary public feedback received, the project team is currently working on developing an active transportation program which will identify where infrastructure will be constructed in the city. Infrastructure improvements include bike lanes, boulevard multi-use paths, sidewalks, crossings and safety improvements. The recommendations will follow best practices for infrastructure design.

As a part of this exercise, we are also establishing an implementation strategy to identify near-term priorities, and plan out the years that projects may be constructed based on how much they will cost. Once we have developed a draft of the network and implementation plan, the project team will meet with numerous stakeholders including Brampton residents to present our proposed plan and solicit feedback.

Our next public engagement opportunity will take place on November 9, 2017 at Brampton City Hall (2 to 9 pm).

Masterplan Project Status

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40% Complete

Details to follow.

Details to follow.

  • Review of missing sidewalk locations, to coordinate the installation of sidewalks with recommended cycling network projects
  • Develop recommended traffic safety policy recommendations, to be presented to Brampton City Council within the ATMP
  • Develop standards and targets for Brampton’s bike parking program
  • Develop counting program recommendations, for ongoing monitoring of the infrastructure once installed

  • Validate AT network from Transportation Master Plan 2015
  • Review list of road reconstructions and resurfacings, to identify where a complete streets approach may be pursued
  • Analyze candidate cycling projects, to understand existing cycling volumes, how many destinations they would serve, which ones cross barriers as well as other cycling uptake indicators
  • Use analysis to score and rank candidate cycling projects, and based on their overall usefulness to the network, group into short, medium and long term priorities

  • Project Launch
  • Internal communications with other City Department
  • Active Transportation Master Plan survey for City staff
  • Deliverable #2 - Working Paper – Background Study
  • External Consultations through Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee meeting (November 17, 2016) and Public Information Centre (January 18, 2017)
  • Project Webpage
  • Terms of reference for consultant finalized and RFP undertaken
  • Project consultant selected
  • Deliverable #1 – Final Project Plan and Schedule
  • Background Data Review
  • Project Start- up