Naming of City Assets (Parks, Facilities and Streets)

namingStreetBanner.jpgBrampton has a wide variety of municipally owned assets from parks and valleys to buildings and streets. Many are named to celebrate the city’s rich culture and heritage.

Under the current policy, Council approves staff recommendations to name or rename City assets. The policy does allow consideration of names that honour or commemorate Brampton individuals, based on select criteria. Members of the public are encouraged to suggest potential names for parks and open spaces. The public is asked to contact the Parks & Facility Planning Section in the Public Works & Engineering Department at with any naming suggestions. Staff will assess requests against the policy and if deemed suitable, will incorporate the name into a future report to Council. 

The City also has other programs where the public may request commemorations of loved ones such as the Tree and Bench Dedication Programs which sees the dedication of a tree planted in memoriam or commemorative bench. For more information, click here.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Active Naming and Re-Naming Decisions Subject to Public Comment:

  1. Renaming Purple Lilac Park to Purple Lilac Memorial Park.  See the staff report here.  Council decision made on May 13, 2020.  Commenting period open until June 13, 2020, and can be emailed to 

Brampton City Council has made recent decisions on Facility and Street Naming requests:


Parks and Open Space Naming

The City of Brampton applies the Parks and Open Space Naming Policy to name its parks, open spaces (valleys and storm ponds), recreational trails and pathways. In April 2017, Council approved updates to both the Policy and Standard Operating Procedures.

Questions regarding the policy can be directed to the Parks Planning & Development Section at

Civic Building Naming

A separate policy to guide the naming of City buildings and rooms within buildings is expected to be drafted in 2017 by the Community Services Department. In the interim, questions regarding the naming of City Buildings can be directed to the Planning and Development Services Department at​.

Street Naming

The City has a separate policy that sets out a process and criteria for the naming of new streets in Brampton. For more information on the policy, please click here. Should you have a question regarding the policy, or to suggest a name for consideration, contact the Planning and Development Services Department at