Planning and Development

Planning Application Interactive Mapping

Planning applications and related data are now accessible using the City's interactive web mapping service.  The following planning application types can be found under Planning & Development -> Planning Applications:

  • Committee of Adjustment Applications
  • Development Applications
  • Registered Plan of Condominium
  • Registered Plan of Subdivision
  • Site Plan Applications

Click here to view the map

Second Units Policy Review

The City’s Second Units Policy Review is in the final stages of completion.  Please click on the link below for additional information.

Transportation Master Plan Update Transportation Master Plan Update

Your involvement is important – have your say in city-building!  Participate in Brampton's Transportation Master Plan Update


Chief Marilyn Ball presented at the Urban Land Institute discussion forum "Redevelopment of Transit Corridors in the 905: Making the Vision a Reality", held on October 10, 2013
New Service Number
Please contact 905-874-5900 for the following construction related inquiries: 
  • Subdivision servicing
  •  Lot grading
  •  Resident complaints

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