Parkland Dedication By-law

The Parkland Dedication By-law is the principle means by which the City of Brampton acquires parkland and other forms of open space. The by-law sets out parkland dedication requirements for new development. Requirements are satisfied through:

  • The conveyance of land for parks purposes, and/or
  • Through the payment of cash in lieu of land (CIL)​


Annual Update to City-wide Land Values
(Used in the Calculation of CIL-Payable for Plans of Subdivision and Consent Applications)
(January 2017)

Per the 2013 By-law, staff commission a land valuation appraisal exercise annually to update the land values that will be used in the calculation of Cash in Lieu of Parkland (CIL) for those applications that are processed under Sections 51.1 or 53 of the Planning Act, and which are required to fulfill their parkland dedication obligations through a combination of parkland and CIL. The CIL Rates for 2017 can be found here​.

Please contact the Realty Services Section at (905) 874-2131 for questions relating to:

  • Cash-in-lieu of parkland (CIL) calculations for Site Plan applications, Site Redevelopment, or Consent applications

Please contact the Parks and Facility Planning Section at (905) 874-3954 for questions relating to:

  • By-law and its administration
  • Parkland dedication requirements or cash-in-lieu of parkland (CIL) calculations for all Plan of Subdivision applications