About Züm

Brampton's Bus Rapid Transit Service – Züm... See You Sooner!

Züm is Brampton Transit’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service and the City of Brampton’s response to the need for improved transportation options within Canada’s fourth-fastest growing city.

Zum Bus at City HallThere are four Züm routes in service:

  • Züm Queen Street
    (Downtown Terminal to York University)
  • Züm Main Street
    (Sandalwood Parkway to the Mississauga City Centre Terminal)
  • Züm Steeles Avenue
    (Lisgar GO Station to Humber College)
  • Züm Bovaird Drive
    (Mount Pleasant GO Station to Queen Street/Goreway Drive)  

The beginning of Phase II of the BRT service launched on September 2, 2014 with Züm Bovaird Drive. Phase II also includes service along Steeles Avenue to the Lisgar GO Station in Mississauga in 2015, and along Queen Street to the Mount Pleasant GO Station in 2016. 

Click here to view all Züm routes (current and future).

A Better Way to Commute

Pronounced “zoom,” Brampton Transit’s BRT service was designed from the ground up to provide residents with an efficient, high frequency, comfortable service. Züm works seamlessly in conjunction with all of Brampton Transit’s conventional buses and offers reliable, all-day service with limited stops and a wide range of advanced customer service technologies to ensure riders arrive at their destinations on time and hassle-free.

Side of Zum BusZüm significantly improves the quality of Brampton Transit’s overall service, providing better connectivity for residents within Brampton and throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with direct links to York Region, Mississauga and Toronto. While Züm is a unique addition to Brampton Transit, it does not operate separately. This means riders can move between our two services with ease and, more importantly, at no additional cost.

Züm boasts a wide-range of customer-focused features including:
  • Limited stops: to reduce travel times, getting riders to their destination sooner
  • Real-Time Next Bus Information: available at all station stops and terminal so riders always know when their next bus will arrive
Advanced Technologies:
  • real-time next bus information is also available on the website and through cell phones or other mobile devices with Next Ride
  • Reliability: Transit Signal Priority technology that can influence the traffic signals – shortening a red light, or extending a green light – to ensure buses remain on schedule, even in mixed traffic
  • Comfort: plush, high-back seats for a smooth, enjoyable ride
  • Seamless Integration: with all Brampton Transit buses, meaning riders can move between the two services with ease and at no additional cost.

BRT is a public transit solution that supports high-capacity routes and has benefits similar to rail transportation – using world-class technologies to provide better and faster ways to connect people and places.