Zum BusThe most recognized symbol of Brampton’s BRT service is the vehicles. The uniquely-branded, European-styled Züm buses are Canadian made. Built by New Flyer Industries in Winnipeg, Manitoba, they feature state-of-the-art technologies and passenger comforts.

Brampton Transit is the first public transit provider in North American to use these Xcelsior buses from New Flyer. The buses, which use clean hybrid diesel-electric technology, are the first of their kind for Brampton Transit and boast, on average, a 10-15% fuel reduction compared to conventional diesel vehicles.

Inside Zum BusFeaturing the unique branding and colour scheme of Züm, the buses include plush, high back, comfortable seats, two skylights and larger windows. Advanced accessibility features also include a wider door and an increased entry way, one of the lowest floors (14” step, 10” kneeled) and the best ramp inclination on the market (1:7 slope ratio). 

Transit Priority Measures

Advanced technologies include the next stop announcement system that displays the next bus stop location on an LED sign near the front of the bus as well as an audible voice that announces the stop at the same time.

Transit Signal Priority (TSP) is included on each Züm bus. This technology can influence the traffic signals if a bus is running behind schedule. The technology, which is triggered automatically, has the ability to lengthen a green light or shorten a red light, so that a bus can get through the intersection faster to ensure on-time service delivery.

Other exclusive features to the Züm buses include: 

  • The highest ranking for fuel economy in factory testing
  • The first bus in North America with LED headlights, drawing less power while providing better, brighter views
  • Reduced interior and exterior noise levels – the Xcelsior posted the lowest overall noise level ever recorded in third-party factory testing
  • The first bus in North America with an electronic instrument panel, providing more accurate information for operators and maintenance staff