You must keep two feet of landscaping between a driveway at a house and the property line to make sure that water drains away properly.

In general, a residential driveway (including paved walks that run parallel to the driveway) shall have a maximum width as follows:


Driveway must be no wider than: If your lot has a width of:
4.9 metres (16.08 feet)

Less than 8.23 metres (27 feet)

5.2 metres (17.06 feet) Equal to or more than 8.23 metres (27 feet) but less than 9.14 metres (30 feet)
6.71 metres (22 feet) Equal to or more than 9.14 metres (30 feet) but less than 15.24 metres (50 feet)
7.32 metres (24 feet) Equal to or more than15.24 metres (50 feet) but less than 18.3 metres (60 feet)
9.14 metres (30 feet) or the width of the garage (whichever is greater) Equal to or more than 18.3 metres (60 feet)
6.71 metres (22 feet) or the width of the garage (whichever is greater) For driveways on the side lot line of any lot


Please contact Zoning to find out about how wide your driveway should be if you own property on:

  • A lot with an irregular shape
  • A pie-shaped lot
  • A corner lot

You will need the developer’s permission to widen a driveway in subdivisions that the City hasn’t yet assumed responsibility for.

If you need to cut a curb to widen a driveway, you will need a road occupancy and access permit. You can get the permit from the Works and Transportation Department.