Parks Planning

Parkland Dedication 

Parkland Dedication
The City assembles parks and other open space through both capital acquisitions and through the dedication of parkland or cash-in-lieu of parkland (CIL) under its parkland dedication by-law.

Parkland Planning and Programming 

Parkland Planning and Programming
Beginning at the block plan stage, the Planning and Infrastructure Services Department and the Public Services Department both take active roles in designing the layout of new parks based on the needs of the community.

Pathways Planning 

Pathways Planning
Pathways are continually designed and constructed throughout the City of Brampton. This page includes Brampton's PathWays Master Plan, routing plans, and design specifications.


Through the development approvals process, the City protects woodlands through their acquisition and incorporation into the City’s parks and open space system. Woodlands in private ownership are also subject to protection under the City’s Woodlot Conservation By-law.