Parks Planning

DraftPlan.jpgBeginning at the block plan stage, the Planning and Infrastructure Services Department and the Public Services Department both take active roles in designing the layout of new parks based on the needs of the community.

The City assembles parks and open spaces through both large capital acquisitions and through the requirement of parkland dedication through the development process.

Neighbourhood Parks

The process for determining program recommendations begins with an assessment of the park type, size, neighbouring land uses, and has regard for the projected total supply of parkland in the area.

Neighbourhood Parkette.JPGPreliminary facility and programming recommendations are established through the Community Design Framework (CDF) at the Secondary Plan Stage, and further refined through preparation of the Community Design Guidelines (CDG) prepared at the Block Plan stage.  Final refinement of facility and programming for a given site is made at the plan of subdivision stage, where detailed designs are created and implemented through the subdivisions development.

Community and City Parks

Chinguacousy Park (4).jpgLarger parks, intended to service a community or the city as a whole often accommodate active lit or unlit sports fields and/or indoor recreation centre facilities.  They are acquired by the City through the development review process, or separately, by way of capital acquisition.

Pathways Planning

Etobicoke Creek Centennial Park.jpgConnecting these parks and open spaces to residents are trails and pathways, which are continually designed and constructed every year. For more information on Pathways design and construction, click here.

For more information on the plans in your area, please contact Parks and Facility Planning at 905-874-2338.
For information on a specific park under construction, or slated for construction in your area, please contact Open Space Development at 905-874-3448.​​​​​