By-law Enforcement

 By-laws are a reflection of our community standards and help to ensure a safe and enjoyable City.

Brampton’s vision is to be a vibrant, safe and attractive city of opportunity where efficient services make it possible for families, individuals and the business community to grow, prosper and enjoy a high quality of life. 
Let us help you.

Making a Difference: A resident guide to By-law Enforcement 

  • Ever wonder what the rules are for parking on the street in front of your house? 
  • Thinking about installing a pool or hot tub and not sure what permits are required? 
  • Want to make sure you are meeting the standards for yard maintenance but not sure what they are?
All of this information and much, much more can be found in one place – Making a Difference, an easy-to-use guidebook that is now available from Enforcement and By-law Services.  
Information is organized into sections that target each enforcement area including the home, yard, street, neighbourhood and park.
Every resident plays a part in keeping Brampton safe and attractive. This guidebook can help all of us do our part to make a difference. 
Pick up a copy or call 311 to have one mailed out to you. They are available at:
  • City Hall
  • Brampton Public Libraries
  • Enforcement Services at 485 Chrysler Drive (southeast corner at Williams Parkway)
To view it online, click here.


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