Service Animals

A service animal is any animal used by a person with a disability for reasons relating to the disability or the person provides a letter from a physician or nurse confirming that he or she requires the animal for reasons relating to his or her visible or non-visible disability.

Service animals are permitted on all Brampton Transit buses. They must be clearly identified; for example, a guide dog wearing a harness and/or vest. Passengers are responsible for the care, supervision and control of their service animals at all times, service animals must not block the bus aisle.

When possible, larger service animals should be placed on the floor between the customers knees sitting up so that the service animal is supported by the person’s legs providing greater stability while the transit vehicle is in motion.

When possible, customers who are able, should adjust or fold the foot rests of their assistive device while on the bus and have their service animal sit in front of the assistive device, instead of lying down on the floor.

If a customer is unable to adjust the assistive device foot rests, they should have the service animal seated beside the assistive device nearest the aisle, as close as possible to the customer and if necessary, have the service animal temporarily seated in front of them while other customers are boarding.