How do I Apply?

Phase 1


The City of Brampton processes all job applications online.

To apply for any of our opportunities, you must electronically submit your resume and respond to several questions related to your skills, education and professional experience. Resumes will be saved online and can be updated anytime to apply for future positions. Once you submit your resume online, you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement confirming receipt.

As a part of the City’s commitment to accessibility and equal opportunity, we offer an application kiosk at City Hall and are able to provide alternative application formats.

Phase 2


All applications are screened on the basis of the qualifications outlined in the job advertisement. This screening includes a review of the applicant’s education, experience and skills.  Applicants who best meet the requirements will be brought forward to the position’s hiring manager for interview consideration.

Candidates will be contacted via telephone and scheduled for an interview. 

Phase 3


Applicants may be invited to one or more interviews. Interviews will assess candidates based on job-related criteria.

The City is an equal opportunity employer and interviews are conducted in a fair and consistent manner.

Interview techniques utilized by the City may include behavioural and situational interviews, presentations, and performance-based testing.  All interviews and testing assessments have been approved by the Human Resources Division, and are designed to assess the candidate’s job-related knowledge and skills. 

Phase 4


An offer will be made to the successful candidate by the recruiter.  All conditions must be met prior to joining the City of Brampton. Conditions will include:

  • Educational verification
  • A completed criminal record check, performed at no cost
    the employee
  • Reference checks
  • May include additional job-related testing


Phase 5

Onboarding Process

Prior to starting with the City, the recruiter will meet with the successful candidate to complete required documentation.

Your introduction to the City will include a departmental orientation and a corporate orientation program. Congratulations, and welcome to the City of Brampton!