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 2016 Outdoor Summer Theatre

July 6 - August 25 at 7PM  
Wednesdays at Ken Whillans Square | Thursdays at Chinguacousy Park (by the Curling Club)

Bring your lawn chair and experience live theatre outdoors this summer with four spectacular performances! This is a FREE program for audiences of all ages.  




~ Rose Theatre Lobby ~​
~ Rose Theatre Secondary Hall ~​
DJ Jason Prine​
Terina Faye​
7:20PM Elize Stolk​
7:40PM Kavya​
Chris Strazz​ ​
Identity​ ​
Roger Ill Company​ ​ ​ ​
Shae​ ​
9:00PM Meagan Morrison​
Bosa​ ​
9:15PM ​ ​

- First come, first serve basis
- Max. 10 minutes per performer
- Acoustic performances only​
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Buddy Black​ ​ ​
10:00PM CDH Live​
10:30PM Lucy Diamond​
10:45PM ​ ​
11:00PM ​ ​
~ Rose Theatre Lobby ~​
~ Rose Theatre Secondary Hall ~​
DJ Jason Prine​
Courtney Lynn Music​ ​
New Design​ ​
William Bula​​
8:00PM Red Boy​
Texas King​
8:15PM​ ​ ​
Jessica Speziale ​
Unbuttoned​ ​

- First come, first serve basis
- Max. 10 minutes per performer
- Acoustic performances only
9:00PM AHI​
9:15PM ​ ​
Hayley Stark​ ​ ​

USS in Garden Square​
USS in Garden Square

Alex Rodway ​​ Science Fiction/Fantasy​​
Katrina Marie Harvey​​ Abstract​
Chamila Belleth​ Fabric Art​
Ryan Thomson​
Shirley and Jean Liang​
Kathleen Beaulieu​ Watercolour​


Ahkinoah Habah Izarh, simply known as AHI (pronounced "I") is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Brampton, Ontario.  In one word, AHI's music is “wholehearted.”  His unique vocal performance with acoustic guitar in hand combines a voice of raw emotions with the words of a pure heart and the essence of an untainted sound to produce something truly thought-provoking, soul-stirring and unforgettable: his wholehearted BLUEBLACKmusic™ - The Deepest Of All Blues.  Whether accompanied by his wife Ahshatèn on the viola for a truly unique and soulful acoustic duet, or backed by a full band, there is nothing quite like experiencing it live. Currently residing in Toronto, AHI is also the founder and producer of Oh So Beautiful™, a seasonal production putting the power of performance back into the hands of Toronto’s independent musicians, in association with Long & McQuade and D’Addario Canada. AHI has recorded 3 full-length albums to date, comprising his WHOLEHEARTED trilogy, and he continues to write, produce and record new music. Find AHI online at
2-member alternative rock band, from Brampton. Former members of the band "Lacerda".
expandBuddy Black
Buddy Black is a singer/songwriter, self-proclaimed prophet, and redundancy advocate based out of Toronto, Canada. Buddy Black weaves the raw intensity of roots punk, with the feeling and lyrical sensibilities of 60’s era folk music to bring you something truly spiritual. With over 18 years of song writing experience, with four records, several films and and musical under his belt, Buddy is well on his way to establishing himself as a formidable, and important songwriter. Recently, Buddy Black has collaborated with one of his childhood heroes: Daniel Boyd, writer/director of the cult-classic horror film Chillers (a movie Buddy has seen an estimated 1000 plus times). Buddy Black and the boys crafted their 6 track opus: Witchfinger (The Chillers EP) in tribute to Buddy’s all time favourite movie. In early February, drove down to Charleston, West Virginia and shot two music videos with Daniel’s protégés. The video for Buddy Black’s rendition of The Chillers Theme features several members of the original Chillers cast, and their second video Xipe was filmed exclusively at locations that appeared in the original film.
expandCDH Live
Craig Doyle Henry, better known as CDH Live has been compared to industry icons like The Roots, Wyclef Jean and Juno Award winner SHAD. He is the sound of spectacular Spoken Word, heart pounding Rap and captivating Rock and Soul. CDH is a passionate poet, magnetic stage performer and award winning songwriter/producer. He delivers a prolific mix of urban feel and pop appeal yet his message is positive and clear; love to live life & live life to the fullest! Real, authentic and a true artist. For more information visit
expandChris Strazz
Chris Strazz has always felt music is the best form of communication and feeling. From Brampton, Canada, Chris is taking life as it comes, and turning his experiences, thoughts, and emotions into an intimate sound that he hopes people can relate to and find comfort in. His debut album was released in July 2012.
expandCourtney Lynn Music
Courtney Lynn Music is a folky, poetic acoustic singer/songwriter project. Debut album "The Green Wood Symphony" has sold over 1000 copies since it's independent release. Courtney Lynn Music has performed in Canada, UK, and the USA and shared the stage with rising bands; The Junction, Moneen, Bad Flirt, and The Meligrove Band. A raw and invigorating live performance of soulful conviction and interesting lyrics. Single, "Little Miss Sunshine" is streaming online with over 25 000 plays and received an Independent Music Award Nomination for Best Acoustic Song.
expandElize Stolk
I have music running through my viens. I've only been playing guitar for a year, but I've been singing since I could talk. It's my life and my soul. I have also performed in a singing group called In Harmony at the Brampton Theater School. I have recently been offered an opportunity to sing at the annual general meeting for Dufferin Child and Family Services.
My style is vocal percussion, or music without instruments. I've been in this for 2 1/2 years, and have done over a dozen performances for fundraisers and various talent shows over the last year. This summer I was a finalist in the UNITY 2v2 under 18 beatbox championships in Toronto, which featured the Winner and Runner up of the Canadian Beatbox Championship.
expandHayley Stark
Monica, formerly a metal drummer and Brampton resident, and Jen, a jazz-trained rock lover from Sudbury, joined forces to create Hayley Stark after spending a number of years thrashing about on stage in heavy rock, metal and punk bands in the GTA. They’ve spent the past few years performing in some of Toronto's best-known venues, like the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern and The Rivoli, and at everything from theatre receptions to fashion shows to Canadian Music Week and the North by Northeast Festival in Ontario. They now have a solid collection of catchy, head-nodding, harmony-driven songs that'll make you think and dare you to cry. 2012 finds Hayley Stark performing throughout Ontario in full-band format, with a rockier sound than ever.  
Elliot Nkuah (E'Dot Famousz) and Rupen Bhardwaj (R.B.) teamed together in November 2011 to form Identity. Their first performance together was A Night For Africa, an annual PSPC event. Since then the duo have made many songs together, which include covers and originals. This young team strive to go far.
expandJessica Speziale
Sultry, rich and fresh are a few words that fans, reviewers and media have used to describe this Toronto musician’s powerhouse voice. A musical force to be reckoned with, Jessica Speziale delivers her version of acoustic pop/rock with the intent of Serena Ryder and the soul of Alicia Keys.
expandLucy Diamond
Lucy Diamond is an explosive rock trio based in Toronto, Ontario, formed by an artist/songwriter named, Michael Gabriel. The band is composed of Michael (lead guitar/vocals), Nick (drums) and Francis (bass guitar). Their sound draws inspiration from 60's psychedelic rock artists like Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles. The band's purpose is to simply tell stories through music that can relate to many people, help the fires of rock and roll last forever, and be the biggest band in the world.
expandMeghan Morrison
Imagine yourself at a tea party in Alice's Wonderland, but Alice is Alanis, Charles Dickens is the Mad Hatter, and Florence Welch is leading them all in song with heart beat rhythms and heart break lyrics. Such is the dynamic and emotive blend of dark and light sounds that characterize this Ethereal Indie Rocker hailing from the East Coast of Canada. Dubbed “The Indie Firecracker” for her progressive leaning compositions and explosive vocal performances, Morrison consistently receives the stamp of “originality” and nods of approval from acclaimed songwriters, such as Dan Hill, Emm Gryner, Ron Hynes, and music fans alike. “We need more music like this” - Emm Gryner  “Very cool original tunes” - The Alumni Theatre  “Don't miss a chance to see her live!” - Reaching for Lucidity
expandNew Design
New Design was formed in 2008, in Brampton, Ontario. After being involved with various bands in the local music scene, Jeff, Joe, Zack and Melissa wanted to form a band that would allow them to effectively express their individual voices. Their connection proved so strong that the emerging sound was distinctly unified and uniquely their own. After years of jamming, writing, playing shows and a couple of home recordings the band recorded their debut EP “Burn Out The Sky” with Kenny Bridges of the band Moneen. The EP consists of six songs that can leave you singing along or in deep thought. New Design's music blends the intensity, atmosphere and feel of the post-rock genre with the drive of their early pop rock influences. New Design performs steadily around the GTA to a growing fan base. Past shows include appearances at The Sound Academy, The Reverb, The Mod Club, The Opera House and Mavericks.
expandRed Boy
The Red Boy is a hard rock band from Brampton, Ontario, with a high energy live show. We've have been playing shows for the last few years and are currently starting a new album.
expandTerina Faye
Caterina Fay Malfara (b. September 6, 1992), known as Terina Faye, is a Canadian R&B, Pop, Soul and Hip hop singer. Born to parents of Italian and Jamaican decent, Terina discovered her passion for singing at a young age. Growing up with a hard up bringing, Terina often looked to music as her outlet. Having witnessed a life involved with drugs and alcohol, Terina grew up living outside her parent's home and in foster care. Staying strong throughout it all, she has always stayed loyal to her love for music, performing in talent shows, school events, local festivities and more. Taking part in many singing competitions, Terina has achieved over six 1st place competitive wins and earned over 15 awards. Performing came naturally to this young star. In 2006, Terina was accepted to a school of the arts for vocal music. There she spent two years studying music theory and working towards perfecting her craft as a vocal musician. It was during this time when Terina began truly developing herself as an artist. In 2009, “Terina Faye” was born. Today, you can find Terina performing covers through social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) and also performing at various events throughout the GTA. With relentless determination, Terina Faye continues to strive for success in her music career.
expandTexas King
Texas King is a London, Ontario based acoustic duo featuring Jordan Macdonald and Colin Gray. Macdonald and Gray met while attending the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College in London Ontario. Both had a knack for songwriting and bringing out the best in each other’s music. They began to get the attention of fellow classmates and professors and soon began playing at local clubs in London. Fans have been very receptive to the duo and are often taken aback by MacDonald’s growly yet delicate emotive vocals. The group has received much praise for their emotional songwriting, catchy melodies and the uniqueness and ferocity of Macdonald’s vocals. With youth on their side, this group has a world of potential ahead of them. The group recently received a nomination for Favorite Singer/Songwriter at the London Music Awards in Scene Magazine after only a few months performing. The duo are putting the finishing touches on their debut EP and are planning to tour southern Ontario extensively this summer. Regarding their live performances MacDonald says, “I am addicted to the rush of performing for people and, with the addition of Colin Gray to the stage, Texas King’s energy is like none other. We both agree that nothing in the world feels quite as good as a solid applause from an excited audience.”
expandThe Roger Ill Company
Alternative Rock band from Brampton. Formerly Bottoms Up.
Formed in 2010, Casey MQ, Jonathan Milner, and Kamilah Apong ventured into the depths of Casey’s basement, with Miles Gibbons joining several months later. They made their way back out by becoming Unbuttoned, creating music that was a fresh alternative - sounds of R&B and Pop, supported by undertones of hip hop and electronica. Get their debut album today -
expandWilliam Bula (Beej)
Singer/Songwriter (alternative, country, pop) from Brampton
Artists and schedule subject to change.