Parks Cleanup

Brampton’s annual fall Parks Cleanup takes place October 1 - 31 and the spring Parks Cleanup takes place April 1 - 30.  Families, friends, community organizations, businesses and school groups participate by donating their time. The purpose of the Parks Cleanup is to remove litter that has accumulated throughout the year, but the event is more than just about collecting garbage.  It’s about community building and keeping our shared spaces free of litter that is potentially harmful to children, our environment and wildlife.

This event is coordinated by the City of Brampton’s Recreation Division with support provided by the Parks Operation Division, but none of it is possible without our volunteers!  Know with certainty, your contribution will have a lasting effect on the health of our environment and vibrancy of our City for years to come. Thank you!

Registration Easy As 1-2-3


​Volunteers are encouraged to register for 3 important reasons:

1. Prior to the Parks Cleanup garbage bags and gloves are distributed to volunteers by Recreation staff (courtesy of our sponsor GLAD).

2. By identifying community organizations and school groups, staff can engage in two-way conversations assisting with event coordination. 

3. Identification of individual event dates and park cleanup locations allows Parks Operation staff to be proactive with garbage collection.  Click here to review the City’s Privacy Statement.

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