Accessible Parking Permits

Accessible Parking

The City grants privileges to residents who have accessible parking permits. These privileges enable them to park in specially designated parking spots. These parking spots are larger than average and give the driver more room to get in and out of the vehicle.

Accessible parking spots are 2.7 metres (nine feet) wide, are located closer to buildings and are readily accessible with ramps and special downward curbs.

The City of Brampton requires every owner/operator of a public parking area to provide designated parking spaces for people with accessible parking permits. The total number of parking spaces in the lot determines the number of accessible parking spaces required. Owners and operators of public parking areas must mark accessible parking spots with a sign and must mount the sign on a permanent post one metre (three feet) high. These accessible parking signs are easy to recognize because they illustrate the international symbol for the physically disabled (see samples at left).

A second sign must also be posted stating the Maximum Fine of $5,000 and the Enforcement and By-Law Services Division phone number 905-458-3424.

Who Issues Accessible Parking Permits?

The City of Brampton does not give out accessible parking permits. The Province of Ontario assumes this responsibility. For more information please visit the Ministry of Transportation website.

Parking Enforcement Campaigns

To ensure accessible parking permit holders have access to designated parking spots, the City's Parking Enforcement Section holds two campaigns, in April and December, to prevent people from parking illegally in both accessible parking spaces and fire routes. The parking enforcement campaign that took place in December 2004 resulted in 239 tickets for vehicles parked illegally in accessible parking spaces and 1,416 tickets for vehicles illegally parked in a fire route.

Parking Violations

Drivers of vehicles that display an accessible parking permit may park in an accessible parking space and do not have to pay for parking meters at regular hours (excluding rush hour and overnight). They may also park in no parking zones, however, they are not permitted to park in other prohibited areas such as designated fire routes, on boulevards, crosswalks or obstructing traffic. Parking in these areas will result in fines ranging from $25 to $100.  For more information regarding accessible parking infractions, please refer to the Accessible Parking Infractions Guideline.

Paying and Disputing Parking Tickets

You can pay parking tickets online, by telephone, in person or by mail. However, if you wish to dispute an accessible parking infraction ticket, you have to do so in person by asking for a trial (for any accessible parking infraction issued up to and including June 30, 2016) or by requesting a Screening Review (for any accessible parking infraction issued as of July 1, 2016). For detailed ticket payment information, click here.