Getting your licence

Licence Fees for Dogs

Sterilized and Microchipped$20
Sterilized and Microchipped (for owners 55+)$10
Not Sterilized and Microchipped$40
Not Sterilized and Microchipped (for owners 55+)$30
Note: Licences for Pit Bull type dogs can only be purchased at the Brampton Animal Shelter. Applications for Pit Bull licences must be accompanied by a copy of microchip and spay/neuter certificates.

Licence Fees for Cats

Sterilized and Microchipped$10
Sterilized and Microchipped (for owners 55+)$5
Not Sterilized and Microchipped$20
Not Sterilized and Microchipped (for owners 55+)$15

How to pay and payment methods

Licence Locations

Bramalea Animal Hospital125 Chrysler Drive905.792.2200
Brampton Animal Shelter475 Chrysler Drive​905.458.5800
Campbell Veterinary Hospital158 Kennedy Road South​905.452.1818
City Hall – Cashiers Office2 Wellington St. W., 1st Floor​905.874.2000
Civic Centre - Service Brampton150 Central Park Drive, 2nd Floor905.874.2000
Heart Lake Veterinary Hospital670 Wanless Drive 905.840.9961
Snelgrove Veterinary Services11526 Hurontario Street905.846.3316
The Cat/Dog Hospital of Brampton23 Conservation Drive905.495.4228 (Cat) | 905.495.4641 (Dog)