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BEYOND BUSINESS BASICS: How to Use Market Intelligence to Land Customers

RIC Centre has partnered with Caledon Business Innovation Zone to host a seminar on "How to Use Market Intelligence to Land Customers" as part of our "Beyond Business Basics" Speaker Series.
Market intelligence is critical for business success. Appropriate market segmentation permits better targeting and appropriate positioning of your company's offering, allowing you to best meet the needs of your customers. This can result in faster product uptake, higher market share, better customer retention, smart resource allocation and enhanced profits. Following this session, you should be able to succinctly articulate your market and the opportunity, and your target customer to potential investors and partners. This will be accomplished via a presentation and a hands-on workshop.
During the presentation, we will cover:
1) Market segmentation as part of a broader marketing framework
2) The theory behind market segmentation
3) A stepwise approach on how to develop a market segmentation model. In the workshop component of the session, participants will be invited to perform market segmentation on their own product/technology.

For full schedule of the monthly Beyond Business Basics events, please click here.
Location Caledon Public Library - Albion-Bolton Branch
Event Date Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Start Time 6:00 PM
End Time 7:30 PM
Fees $10
Event Contact/Host RIC Centre
Event Contact/Host's Email communications@riccentre.com